The 100 4x10 Promo “Die All, Die Merrily" 

[ behold my tacky gemsona from 2015: veszelyite ]

his official reference is here but.. don’t go looking at that. that art is old.

[art commissions / portfolio @ god-bird.com]
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But do you all know who was really behind this? The same person who wanted the Kaoh Rong players out from the start - that’s right, Miss Sandra Diaz-Twine, the queen herself came back from pre-jury ponderosa to save the rest of the queens and organize Debbie’s demise. The Queen stays Queen, adios

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Nunchi’s Trip to Exo’rdium

Buckle yourselves in guys this is a chaotic mess of emotions. 

The entire thing seemed to pass in a blur because it was just so surreal. 

It was definitely a journey.

Suho: “New York… Thank you for waiting for us.”

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g*d don’t @ me but why is clarke such a fake now I can’t believe how frustrating to watch she is at this point… I love her still bc I can’t help it but also I fkn hate her lmfao wish I wasn’t so attached to what she once was life would be easier 😔


Hakyona week–day 2: Jealous

Modern Valentine’s Day  AU. I just get the feeling that Hak would receive a boatload of valentines chocolate and he’d take them because hey, free food. Yona’s tsundere mode switches to high every valentines day I wonder why… 


Here’s a fun fact: a super long time ago my regular style actually WAS “semi-realistic”, if you can call that old one semi-real……look high school me was trying okay. I got into drawing cartoony not long after August and Violet were created, but the first few drawings of them were in that style…..so behold, the very first, original drawing of the Son. He sure has changed since