AU!Palpatine fancast idea

AKA the one where he does not look the texbook version of ‘creepy old man who wants to at least fuck the young boy he slimes around to’

The actor who played him in the movies did a decent job with what they gave him, it’s just that direction and script for him probably were ‘evulz cackling slimeball’.

I imagine him looking like George Clooney. 

Affable and with kind of a 'man you’d like to be your dad’ mixed with 'silver fox’ vibe. 

(George Clooney is not actually my type but I have heard 'silver fox’ lobbed in his direction a few times).

Carismatic and personable, with laughing lines at the corners of his eyes that have become less laughing lines and more worry lines as the war proceeds. 

Reasonable and willing to listen, supportive. He worries for your health and tries to get you vacations or the like, but his offers have to be turned down for duty or are foiled by Separatists plots.

The power is wearing him down, but he has hope keeping him strong or so it looks like. He doesn’t ask for your help or support and sometimes he does 'unpopular’ things that are (supposedly) in favour of the Jedi and the clones, but everyone can see he is trying his hardest to make it so that things will resolve as bloodlessly as possible.

Great public speaker.

Someone you can see being mischievous or, you know, maybe not always on the straight and narrow (hey, he’s a politician, after all) and who might cut some corners, do some things for the sly, but ultimately it’s for the good of the Republic, more than for personal gain (though he doesn’t dislike the occasional perk, as we all do).


More sober in clothing taste than the Palpatine in the movies, especially after the start of the war, because war is not a time for fancy spending but for sobriety and seriousness, and he will be the first to give up the niftier and shinier things to give those funds to the GAR, to better equip them and make the Republic stronger.

I was also thinking of having him being interested in both the heroes of the blockade of Naboo, rather than singling Anakin out.

So he keeps requesting Obi-Wan and, when it is not inconvenient to the boy’s studies and training, Anakin.

And everyone thinks that even if the Chancellor were to have a thing for anyone, though he doesn’t, because he has a beautiful wife, and he is known to be loyal to her, it would be for Master Kenobi (regardless if I’m writing male or female Obi-Wan) rather than for the kid, whom Palpatine has a very understated semi-paternal relationship with.

This way he’s casting himself as the understanding father figure to either Obi-Wan’s disciplinarian Master / brother figure, in case of a male Obi-Wan, or her sterner mother / aunt figure, in case of a female Obi-Wan while Palpatine’s wife (who I am fancasting as an unassuming looking Marion Cotillard) plays the cool, slightly aloof aunt figure (she’s less approachable than him for Anakin but does help distracting Obi-Wan and granting Sheev more time with the boy).

The wife is not actually a wife, they aren’t even sleeping together actually. In fact, she’s the real apprentice [Maul is more of a weapon and Dooku is a pawn] to Darth Sidious, and she’s an assassin slash bodyguard on permanent retain to her Master, masquerading as the important accessory that is a well connected, patron-of-the-arts partner of an important politician and is the one who does most of the behind-the-curtain legwork and communication work.


Gintama antagonists and protagonists as 7 Deadly Sins and 7 Heavenly Virtues 

~ Itou Kamotarou & Kondo Isao as Pride & Humility: a leader who believed he was better than anyone and a leader who saw everyone as equal

~ Princess Kada & Otose as Greed & Charity: a queen who desired everything and a queen who was giving and never waiting for anything in return

~ Hosen & Hinowa as Lust & Chastity: a man who was ready to prisoned a woman to get her for himself and a woman who kept a pure soul and love in her heart

~ Jiraia & Tsukuyo as Envy & Kindness: a master who tried to destroy everything he once had had and what his student was able to build later and a student who wanted to gave away all she had to save others

~ Kamui & Kagura as Gluttony & Temperance: a brother who was killing for his hunger for blood and a sister who listened to her humanity, not hunger

~ Hajime Obi & Shinpachi Shimura as Sloth & Diligence: an older and strong brother who didn’t have enough strength to fight with himself sooner and a younger and weak brother who worked hard to be like him

~ Takasugi Shinsuke & Gintoki Sakata as Wrath & Mercy: a friend who lost everything and hated the world and a friend who lost everything and learned to love everyone even more