eevee371  asked:

We're all angry at the injustice that was Hansung's death but why is nobody talking about the fact that Hansungs' roommates legit kICKED HIM OUT like are they okay do they know what they've done what kind of person this boy is a child

I mean… it’s logical that you kick out a roommate that suddenly wrecked havoc and possibly lashed out at you for reasons you don’t really know about and I think Han Sung’s roommates were unaware of Han Sung’s conflict and pressure of being someone he doesn’t want to be. It’s possible that only Dan Se, Sun Woo and maybe Ah Ro know that there’s more to Han Sung than his cute personality and the fact that he has to hold up his family’s honor when he didn’t want to is something that can be stressful for anyone regardless of who they are. Another thing to remember: even though Han Sung states he’s not as physically strong as Dan Se, he’s still human and he still has the power to knock down or destroy some things; so he could have thrown some furniture like chairs and pillows and at most bruised his roommates when they tried to persuade him to stop before restraining him. Then again, Hwarang House rules state that Hwarangs must stay in their groups- so most likely Han Sung’s roommates took him back but with hesitation and after questioning him about his behavior (in which he probably didn’t tell them why he was upset and just apologized). 

So yeah, his roommates kicked him out but they didn’t do it simply because they wanted to.  

  • <p> <b>queen ji so:</b> you and your sister have been causing nothing but trouble for me and the king of silla. i have told you many times to stop interfering but you continue to get in my way. and i thought making you a hwarang and having your sister taken away from you would be enough to send my message across but both you and her don't seem to listen...<p/><b>sun woo:</b> *deeply thinking* woah... look at these wrinkles... what is holding this woman together? huh... WHAT THE? what is that... how long has that been in there?<p/></p>