Rolling around at the speed of sound-

I redrew Mae as Jacksepticeye because I wanted to try and get a bit more comfortable with the style 

So this is more of an edit instead of a piece of art :D




when sasuke is young (before the uchiha massacre), he asks itachi what gay means. itachi tells sasuke that it means ‘happy’, and sasuke believes this for a lot of his life. when naruto gets married to hinata, he feels neutral towards it, but forces a ‘im gay for you, naruto’ (he thought gay meant happy). suddenly, everyone is silent. hinata drops her wine glass and looks surprised. sakura is grinning like an idiot. kakashi knows what’s going on, he’s known this for a long time.

sasuke is blissfully unaware of what he caused until naruto throws himself onto sasuke, saying “good! i am too, dattebayo!”