Queen Levana from The Lunar Chronicles - before and after I revisited it for Redbubble. It amazes me how a couple tweaks here and there can make a portrait that much more intense.

Thank you all for having such wonderful blogs and amazing posts that I love and can reblog!!!

Firstly I’d like to say a thank you to the people who I’ve had the amazing opportunity to talk to and/or be appreciated by (all mutuals), and who’ve made this blog really feel so much more special to me: 

♡ Thank you @taeyepn for listening to, making me laugh and supporting me when I was having a lot of anxiety during last summer and just listening to me for even a little bit, I feel so blessed to be followed by you and have the amazing opportunity to follow you in return.

♡ Thank you @tedywestside for being one of my most consistently active followers and sending me asks, and help it really means a lot to me and I’m so glad to have you as a follower and to be following you back.

♡ Thank you @xmyvoice for tagging me in things so often and being one of my other consistently active followers and just generally interacting with me even though we haven’t gotten to really talk that much.

♡ Thank you @eel-nimeat for being another really active follower and one who I really feel we share the same interests 

♡And thank you @hyejonqs for posting such wonderful content and being one of my best followers- whose icons are always gorgeous btw (I really hope you know how wonderful your blog is I adore it)

Now onto the list :^) mutuals are italicized and some of my fav blogs will be bolded (the ones mentioned above are excluded below):


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Thank you to every single one of you guys and I love you so much! ♡

*p.s. I probably made a lot of mistakes so please let me know if any of them involve you*

anonymous asked:

Best places to visit in the Netherlands?

((Imagine that song but instead with Dutch places to visit, then you have what’s in my head right now haha! ))

Sing along!Theeere’s Keukenhof, Utrecht, Groningen, Leeuwarden, Gouda, Delft and Efteling ♫ Den Bosch, Hunebedden, Rotterdam, Scheveningen, Maastricht, Doesburg and Breda ♬ Leiden, Nijmegen, Apenheul, Middelburg, Dordrecht, Volendam and Haarlem ♩ Deventer, Amersfoort, Veluwe, Giethoorn, Elburg, Paleis ‘t Loo and Diergaarde Blijdorp!