I have feelings about Bi!Marius

This boy is such a romantic when it comes to guys. He is walking down the street and just appreciates men. For a while he thought he was gay, but then he met Cosette and was like, gosh she’s amazing.

He had a crush on Courf as a kid, but he grew out of it. He actively supports Courfeyrac’s relationship with Combeferre. He’s their cheerleader.

After meeting Cosette, he starts to realize that he always liked girls, he just preferred guys. Cosette realized the same thing, just opposite. She had been dating Eponine for some time but they split up.

He and Grantaire have multiple matching buttons, all of them bi puns. Their ringtones for each other is ‘Bye Bye Bye’.

He’s not big on protests, he feels out of place most times, but he does like Pride Parades. He’s normally quiet while there, not holding posters or anything, but he loves the energy.

He falls for every character on tv. No matter the show, he wants to marry them all. He and Cosette made a list of what actors/actresses that they would date. It’s roughly 3 pages.

Long story short, Marius is a bi boy who needs to be protected.  

Okay, I love Calm and Collected Scholar Combeferre as much as the next person, but let me tell you something… that boy is canonically someone who collects knowledge just for the sake of knowledge and son, just… there is a zero (0) percent chance that this child has a single (1) chill in his entire body about it. You bring up anything to do with science or literature or philosophy and he will Light Up and talk to you for hours about some study or article or thesis or another like when you are interested in something you just want to talk to somebody about it and combeferre is Interested in Everything because Everything is Interesting
Let Combeferre be an excitable dork 2kforever