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just gonna let everyone know that B.A.P has never released a bad song… like ever, just listened to their entire discography and guess what!?!?!

ALL B O P S™ every single one of them!!!!! So do yourself a favor and stan these legends!!!!


- late night city walks
- shy smiles when you compliment him
- he writes cute little poems for you that eventually end up becoming songs
- him constantly sending you links to songs because they remind him of you
- lots of hand holding
- visiting music stores
- “you are my muse”
- always taking pictures of you without you knowing and making them his phone background
- face to face cuddling
- falling asleep while holding hands
- leaving kisses all over your face until you wake up and when you do he kisses your lips and whispers “good morning”
- forehead kisses
- he looks at you with so much love and admiration when you’re on a date
- and he smiles wide when you both make eye contact after you notice him looking at you
- chuckling with his deep voice when you shyly look away while blushing
- convinces you to get a couple tattoo
- and holds you’re hand while you get it because it’s your first one
- the other members teasing you guys a lot but low key think your relationship is the cutest thing ever
- borrowing his clothes when you sleep over at his place
- and taking one of his sweaters before you leave
- you giving him back hugs and snuggling your face into his back
- deep conversations in bed about anything and everything before going to sleep
- whispered “I love you’s”
- goodnight and good morning text messages when he’s away
- playing with his hair when he’s tired with his head on your lap
- giving him small kisses with your hands behind his neck and his hands on your hips while straddling him on the couch
- it started off as innocent and playful
- but it quickly turned heated and very intimate
- he carries you to the bed and sets you down
- he puts on some music and lets you know how much he loves you that night
- you wake up the next morning to see he got breakfast for the both of you
- after you’re done eating he would put in a movie to watch
- he’d put you on his lap and softly caress your thigh
- and snuggle his head in your neck, leaving occasional soft kisses
- “you’re my everything”
- both of you would remember everything about each other
- and I’m going to stop here before I self combust I love yongguk so much my heart hurts
- overall you both would be #relationshipgoals
- there’s a lot more I want to add but my heart can’t handle this


170420 B.A.P Yongguk & Zelo Try the ‘Flying Kisses Event’

List of Accepted Requests


BAP Zelo - Being Mochi’s mommy.

Winner Seunghoon - Soulmate AU

Block B Zico - Supernatural Creature AU

Block B Zico - Fighting

BAP Yongguk - Victoria Secret model

BAP Yongguk - Jealousy, MC’s Best Friends with Daeyhyun

Monsta X Wonho - Stylist Noona


BTS - Music video kiss

BTS - Hickies

Ikon Hyung-line - Listening to music with s/o

BAP - Most handsome member

BAP - Girlfriend does sexy concept

BAP - Member’s sister liking the leader

Bobby/Yongguk - Asking out ideal girl

I just want to thank everyone again for submitting requests! If you sent one in and don’t see it on this post, the most likely reason why is because I wasn’t sure how to go about writing and fulfilling it. Some scenarios and reactions inspired me more than others and rather than giving you a sub-par piece of work, I chose not to accept them at this moment. I’m sorry if this decision has hurt any of my followers and I hope this doesn’t discourage you from sending requests in the future.