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If they are the same height then the forehead touching is even more cute 😍


Companion Character Arcs
  • Fallout New Vegas: After travelling with you and seeing things that made me realise something about myself/my organization, I trust you enough to help/advise me on confronting a personal issue
  • Fallout 4: *Sees you pick 130th lock* Do you like me? A)Yes B)"yes" X)yes? Y)Lemme smash


Black Hat x Fem! Reader

A/N: You know…I thought this was pretty cute and funny. And honestly super real! Writing stuff like this for BH is hard though, cuz I just think of him as such a grump. I don’t know, I feel like I bent the character a bit, but it’s cute so I stand by it!!!!
Still, hope you don’t mind that I changed the smelling thing a bit. Don’t explicitly state it, but I’m not saying that’s what he does. Also to the Anon who jumped through my window, I do hope you’re okay x)&, maybe next time take the evil stairs or something. Here we go!! If the concept of a period makes you uncomfortable (the actual experience makes me uncomfortable, I’ll tell you what!) then maybe skip this one!

Oh what a lovely morning!

Or at least it would be if your cramping abdomen would quit reminding you that you were currently visiting with your “Aunt Flow”. You rummaged through drawers in one of the many hallways, trying to find that elusive heating pad. If Flug cannibalized another one for one of those inventions then so help you…

Unfortunately for him Black Hat wandered into your presence. He tipped his hat at you, a sign to all the world that you held his respect…and if he were to be honest with himself, you held much more than that.

He watched you for a moment, turning his head quizzically as he attempted to figure something out.

“Are you okay?” He asked, apparently able to tell that you were bleeding either from his inhuman ability to sense blood or from the fact that you had one hand over your cramping abdomen and a bit of a pained expression on your face.

“Yeah,” you sighed, “Just my monthly subscription to Satan’s waterfall….”

“I don’t think I have that one…” Black Hat said, looking up to the ceiling, as if trying to recall actually subscribing to such a thing. You looked up at him and squinted a bit with impatience.

“I mean that I’m on my period.” You replied bluntly, “And it sucks.”

Black Hat did not know what a period was. He’d heard of women getting them, but he never actually cared about one until now.

“Well they are a special kind of torture.” You sighed, looking back to him. His eyebrows raised with interest at the mention of torture.

“Pray tell.” He grinned evilly as he said it, and you blushed a bit.

“I-I’m just going to be in pain and bleeding for a few days.” You stuttered, suddenly focused on the drawer, “Don’t worry about it.”

Bleeding? That explained a bit…

“Why are you bleeding?!” Black Hat asked, seeing no signs of harm done to you, yet he could sense something was off. A rare bit of concern lined his words.

You looked up at him again. He really didn’t know what you were talking about, “Go ask Flug, was your response, "I have Advil to take and a heating pad to find!”

Black Hat sighed and left you alone in the hallway, impatiently stalking to Flug’s lab where he could get some real answers.

You sighed in relief, glad that the not-exactly-but-still-a-man you secretly adored was no longer there to trick you into saying something stupid. Not that you needed help. You always seemed to say something stupid in front of that hat wearing boss of yours.

Black Hat walked down the hallway a bit faster than normal. Y/n was in pain, and this troubled him. He suddenly understood why caring about someone was something he hadn’t done before. It was so much work.

Still, he couldn’t help himself around y/n. Something in her eyes, her sarcasm, her enthusiasm for evil made him like her more each day, and for some reason knowing she was in pain bothered him.

“Dr. Flug!!” He yelled into the lab, watching with a bored expression as the bagged scientist dropped something in surprise.

“Y-yes, B-b-black Hat?” Flug asked as Black Hat approached him.

“I need you to explain something to me.” Black Hat said, pushing aside the torn apart heating pad so that Flug could only focus on answering his questions.

Flug’s response did nothing to him down. Black Hat became apprehensive simply knowing that y/n was bleeding, let alone learning that accompanying that was cramping, then knowing that she was being chemically assaulted by her own body. At one point Demencia bounced in, happily adding detail to how severe or light symptoms could be. She more heavily expressed the severe.

How was y/n even still walking around? What was wrong with her?!?


20 minutes or so passed and still no sign of a heating pad. You let out a large, exasperated sigh. Where did it go? Why was it gone? You’d left it with your other feminine products, so why wa-

The sudden sensation of being picked up broke up your thoughts, and you looked up to see Black Hat…carrying you bridal style.

“What are you doing?” You asked, frustrated and concerned. He’d been unusually nice lately….

“What are you doing?!” He replied, sitting down on the couch with you in his lap, “Do you even comprehend what is happening to you at this moment?”

“Yes, and that’s why I-”

“Wanted a heating pad?” He finished, mentally noting to punish Flug for taking it later. You nodded, and squirmed a bit as he held you in his lap, “Well,” Black Hat smiled, “I don’t have a heating pad, but I can do this.”

He stuck his hands over the candles on the side table for a second, absorbing the warmth from the fire before placing one hand over your stomach and one on the small of your back. You let out a relieved sigh as the heat relaxed your muscles. This was nice.

But Black Hat was never nice to anyone.

“Are you okay?” You asked him, this person treated you too well to actually be your boss.

“I’m fine.” He said with a blank face towards the TV. You nodded, but then leaned into him, not seeing the sudden blush on his cheeks. He was warm, and you smiled.

Caring about someone was a lot of work, but as long as caring about you made him feel like this, Black Hat decided, he would make an exception.

Stanley Uris X Reader (I’ve Got You)

Stanley Uris X Reader (I’ve got You)

After being teased by the club Stan goes out on a walk alone. Bill’s elder sister is attacked by Pennywise and Stanley unleashes his rage upon IT, and afterwards admits his feelings.

((I decided to change it just a bit, due to it being rather similar to another ask so, I do apologize if it is not to your liking))

“Stan and (Name) sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G.” Richie sang dramatically placing his hand over his heart and sighing as if he were in love. He placed his head on Stanley’s shoulder only to be pushed to the ground, and the other Losers turned around to face the scene behind them.

“Ow! What’s your problem, Stan?!” He groaned adjusting his glasses that fell slightly away from his eyes. Stanley looked back at Bill, Beverly, and Ben. Mike was working on a new map plan for the sewers, “I don’t like it when you talk about her like that, Richie!” He snapped pushing the boy back causing him to stumbled into Eddie, who caught him.

“Dude, I was freaking kidding!” Richie shouted back offended, “Y-Yes b-bu-but he may not feel c-comfortable about it.” Bill said trying to defend his friend. “Maybe if Stanley finely admitted he liked her.” Richie mumbled.

“That’s it!!” Stanley snapped and charged at Richie, but Bev grabbed his hand pulling him away from him as Eddie grabbed Richie. “Walk it off, Stan. He’s not worth it…” She whispered quietly and he pushed her away brushing himself off as he stomped out of the garage.


You sat out in a field located just 3 blocks away from your house the breeze blew softly around you. Humming as you placed together a small flower crown from the flowers that surrounded you. That’s when you heard it, the familiar laughter, looking up you saw a young boy bearing a yellow raincoat. But that wasn’t any boy, it was Georgie!

“G-Georgie? Is that really you?” You asked and stood up walking up to the boy, but he only took off down the street. You dropped your flower crown and ran after him, “Georgie, wait, please!!” You shouted running as fast as your own legs could carry you. Although, you stopped when Georgie stopped in front of an all to familiar building, the Neibolt house.

“George come he-” You stopped as a figure stepped up behind him, in his hand a red balloon. A clown, you were terrified of them.
The figure smirked towards you his eyes glowing a dark yellow, “Care for a ballon, (Name)?” IT questioned stepping slowly towards you and frozen in pure terror you didn’t move, you couldn’t move.

The clown reached for you and in doing so you screamed in fear trying to make a run for it, but the clown grabbed you around your waist pulling you to him, “There’s no need to run from me, we are going to have so much fun together. And you’ll float just like, Georgie.” Another scream ripped from your throat and the clown whom held you as he walked back towards the house let out an giggle.

Stanley heard the screams and he rushed towards the scene grabbing a nearby pole he found on the ground. When he reached the house his eyes widened in fear, “(Name)! Hold on I’m coming!” He shouted.

“Stanley please help me!!” You shouted as you were being dragged towards your death. Stan out of our anger stabbed the pole down into his arm and IT let go of you and crowned back into the house. Stanley pulled you close to him and smiled softly, “Don’t worry, (Name). I got you.. you’re safe here in my arms.” You hugged him even tighter and Stanley kissed your forehead. “I love you so much, alright. That thing can never hurt as long as I’m here for you..”


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kisbys is super Up There on my list of art idols and im like…………tbh still shocked that they follow me n we’re mutuals even tho im a trash gremlin with barely passable art garbage and everything they post is som e shit from the MOMA (even tho they cant see it) and i even thin k they might be my friend??? im sjust……… a aaaaaa


Series: Hakyeon (N) | Jaehwan (Ken) | Sanghyuk | Hongbin | Taekwoon (Leo)

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  • Now, Kim Ravi’s story is a bit different
  • He looks, when you first see him, like a typical bodyguard
  • I’m talking the menacing haircut, stern gaze, that sort of crap
  • And you’re low-key terrified of him
  • Until he actually tries to talk to you and can’t because he’s stuttering the entire time
  • ‘I-I…um…you n-need to b-be…”
  • “Yes?”
  • ‘Y-Your F-father’s…”
  • Yeah, it’s that bad
  • But it’s sort of adorable to see how clumsy he is with daily life
  • Like the boy be tripping all over himself just to get you a glass of water even though you haven’t asked him for that
  • A brief part of you wonders how on earth he’s going to protect you though, especially considering the fact that he can’t even look at you in the eye gdi
  • But one day, when you’re required to give a speech at one of your father’s many parties, you see him
  • And he looks anything but adorable then
  • He stands just behind you, stance and posture confident, back straight, chin up
  • And you wonder just how on earth he could be the same person you’ve gotten close to before
  • Later, you need to get back in the car, and the paparazzi’s going crazy
  • But then he steps in, with an arm thrown out as though to shield you from the onslaught of bodies
  • That’s when it dawns on you that you like him. Like, like-like him.
  • Obviously you don’t know him well enough to conclude that
  • But like your heart gets super fluttery and everything every time you see him
  • So it must be
  • And of course you panic at first, but then you actually take the time out to notice him and what he does
  • Because you need to be sure
  • And a few things stick out to you
  • Like how his eyes casually stray to you with an intent every time he needs to guard you, in the library for example
  • And that makes your cheeks grow really warm and your head fuzzy
  • It makes you physically unable to look at the library the same way
  • And you’re like waiting for him to ask about it
  • But he isn’t doing it damn it
  • And there comes a day when you can’t take this limbo anymore, and you determinedly march to your father’s office to find him, since that’s where he apparently is, according to your maid
  • You sort of freeze up outside when you hear your father’s voice tho: ‘I’m going to have to let you go.’
  • And his answering words are what make your breath knock out of your lung: ‘I’ll always love her, sir.
  • There’s not even the hint of a stutter in his voice and it gives you like the butterflies in your stomach sort of feeling
  • And you’re not a complete idiot, you know he’s talking about you
  • So what do you do?
  • You literally slam open the door, rushing over to him and kissing him smack on the mouth
  • And it’s super messy obviously
  • And it’s not the best idea, because the two of you get a 33 minutes’ lecture from your father about professionality and shit
  • But eventually your father sighs and agrees because he can’t deny you
  • But there’s a condition
  • He can’t be your bodyguard anymore
  • And of course the boy agrees to it, and his eyes never leave yours as he says it
  • And you and he share a slight smile, a promise of what’s to come

Written By: (The marvelous, the outstanding) Admin Midnight <3 

trying to run an event like

me, hands shaking, vision blurring and eyes bloodshot from sheer overload of ~email~, having been talked down from biting heads off no less than twice this evening and still slightly wanting to stab something: i have found my calling