b wing fighter


ign has a theory – which I am FULLY BEHIND, by the way – that one of the Star Wars Rebels characters will make an appearance in Rogue One.

The most likely to appear?

Definitely not Kanan nor Ezra nor Ahsoka, because the movie was “Jedi-less”.

But the guys at IGN thought that at a point, the Rogue One rebels need a great pilot, and Hera will make her first live-action appearance.

My thoughts: Tie this in with Hera flight-testing the B-Wing, and it all totally makes sense! She will be leading a wing of B-Wing fighters, and help turning the tide, because she’s the damn best pilot in the Galaxy (before Poe Dameron’s era).

And if that truly happens, I will die with Great Joy 😂

(Spacedad Kanan might make his appearance in a different Anthology movie, something with Jedi; there are some people involved in Star Wars movies that _want_ to see FPJr playing Kanan in a live-action movie.)