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Everyone around the world marching tomorrow against the evil that has taken power in my country,

Thank you. I will be marching with you, in DC itself. I have printed 18 posters. 6 are of a Muslim girl, 6 of a Latina woman, and 6 of a young black man. I am going with more friends than I can count on one hand, and we will march for those who cannot.

We will make our voices heard. Sorrow may have reigned today, but hope will reign tomorrow. We will keep fighting for it.

The girl from the west coast

fluffy klance headcanon oDo

okay but let’s just imagine lance actually being really good with hair - like, he can do dutch, french, fishtail braids and make (despite him literally having no hair himself ouo gotta search those youtube tutorials right)

he’d been holding back since day one with the mullet when he saw keith’s hair. 

so nowadays when the castle ship is quiet and it’s just a chill day, lance would come into Keith’s room and just braid it. He can do splendid man buns too

(keith has that “you little shit stop touching me” look, but you all know he secretly loves it)

a/n i’ve seen so many spoilers smh but here’s a nice and short fluffy headcanon, all innocent :)

if one more living breathing soul so much as interacts with that post imma hit up my homie satan and have him come up here and do some messed up shit dood “

katarnarmor  asked:

Out of curiousity, what's fandom been using as mando'a for 'clone?' I either don't see the part of fandom that picked a word to run with or I saw it and expunged it from memory for the reasons you mention.

sorry @katarnarmor I didn’t see this earlier, I always forget to check messages when I’m mobile B((( 

Also, a lot of these determinations / unpacking came through conversation with @cassiansfuzzyjacket, so I’d like to give credit over to Gena as well. She’s wonderful and I love her. 

Okay, so. The offending word in question is “ ara'gotenir ” from arasuum and gotenir. Yikes. Time to explain why we should not use it.

( Also, I understand that originally the word was meant as a verb and not noun, but nouns within mando’a are constructed from their verb equivalent. So. Keep that in mind. Also, the supposition that the {also fandom constructed} word for twin ara’vod is equal. it is not, and still a poor/offensive choice, with even heavier negative ties to Arasuum due to the use of vod. anyway. )

This got really long after all, so if you don’t want the lengthy explanation, here’s the bullet points:

  • if ara’gotenir is used, it can only be done so in a derogatory way, as a specifically structured slur against clones, reasons following:

arasuum — stagnant, remain the same, unchanging

  • scientifically incorrect, clones are not exact copies
  • extreme negative connotations within mando’a / mando culture
  • negative connotations out of universe
  • arasuum, the word itself, has a very specific cultural context and it is a negative one — just outside of the already negative connotations the idea of stagnation and unchanging already carries

gotenir — birth, give birth

  • as a verb construction, as in the act to clone, then I can kind of understand it, as a very literal translation across language lines
  • but even so it still doesn’t apply, because the clones are not birthed, and if anything … combined with the above reasons of why arasuum is not a good word to use … 
  • can only be interpreted negatively, as a sort of offensive irony or sarcasm

thus, ara’gotenir

  • is offensive, and/or
  • literally translates to stillbirth 
  • so don’t use it in the context of clones and cloning =/

I’m all for world-building, and I can see some mandalorians pushing forward the idea that the clone men are not “real people,” but the thing is … I believe this was entirely unintentional. Also I can’t really throw myself behind a word that ultimately would only make the most sense when used to demean their humanity in very … very specific ways that are devastating within mandalorian understanding and language =/

I also cannot endorse creating nor using slurs for an entire body of non-white men in order to dehumanize them further than the source material, and fandom in general, already does. It does not matter that it’s fiction. 

EDIT :: as pointed out by @silenthouse

aragotenir, literally translated, means stillbirth

Which only lends an even worse connotation on top of the given meaning.

Though ara has multiple meanings that can be derived, it was specifically chosen from arasuum — stagnant, remain the same. This is wrong for a variety of reasons, but I’ll try to keep this short (lmao yeah right, me? keep anything short? anyway I failed so here comes a cut) and stick to the main ones.

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“What’s so funny?”

“It’s just, the great Ragnar Lothbrok acting like a nurse to a cripple.”

“I didn’t come here to go back.  That is why we can no longer travel with our friends.”

“What..what are you talking about?”

“It can only be you..and me.”

“You and me?  You mean an old man and a cripple?”


“Out of all of my sons it was you  I wanted to bring here..”

“He [ Ragnar ] told me, that he wanted me to learn at first hand something of the saxon ways. THE LANDSCAPE,  the buildings,   and defenses..”