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Me: *thinks about the in the heights movie and all of the hype I’m giving it despite the fact that it most likely won’t feature any of the cast members that caused me to fall in love with such a production, the fact that it’s still a few years away so I have no idea if I’d still even like in the heights by the time it comes around, the ridiculously high standards I have for the cast especially in casting an all poc cast being my number one want (something Hollywood’s been notorious in withholding), the fear of adding foreign plot points or even worse SUBTRACTING important plot points, the fear of somehow removing women from the narrative, the fear of watering down such a beautiful story in general*

Me: *cries*

i fuckin hate when parents make ur room b clean to their standards before you can have a friend over like…..this isnt one of Your parties where u show off your crystal wine glasses to tiffany next door, this is a Depression party where we shovel junk food down each others throats and stay up till 3 am hating ourselves the room is just gonna get messier as the night goes on

Okay, I ought to work on this more but I am Tired™ so I’m gonna go shower and hit the hay because there’s work tomorrow.

(AU where no one tries to kill anyone else and they flirt to give other people aneurysms y/n?)

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Speaking of the A/B/O thoughts from before, imagine a verse where Izuku manages to be a successful hero despite being both an omega and quirkless. He starts out in general studies but takes martial arts classes after school, completely owns the sports festival, convinces Aizawa to train him personally and basically forces his way into the hero course with sheer badassitude. The media is scandalized, Bakugou is furious, Shouto is in love, it's wonderful!


For how quirkless omega Izuku involves himself in the plot, see those asks Pit had about quirkless general studies Izuku participating in the plot. Those were awesome. For how the media treats Izuku, look up pre-1950s articles about women’s sports written by conservatives. The scandal!!! Izuku probably gets bullied a lot for his choices once he’s outed (he probably masquerades as a beta at first) but his classmates know he can handle it and support him 100% (Imagine Iida flipping off reporters).


Anyway, Shouto and Izuku start dating properly their senior year. Endeavor is pissed as hell and only avoids exploding with fury because male omega are functional hermaphrodites and so Izuku can have Shouto’s kids (plus no quirk means the kids should inherit Shouto’s quirk). Little does he know, the two prefer to do things the other way around in the bedroom. (Shouto sometimes almost wants to tell him to see if he bursts a blood vessel but no. He’s not discussing his sex life with Enji).


But yeah, Izuku dealing with the media’s obsessive over analysis of his every move with dignity (and tears, but only at home when Shouto or his close friends can help comfort him), Shouto giving the patented deadpan stare when interviewers bring up his partner’s secondary gender or quirklessness (it is utterly irrelevant, so he won’t even dignify them with a response), tiny omega and/or quirkless children being excited about becoming heroes like Deku when they grow up, it would be perfect!


Other A/B/O things I want explored in general: The idea of omegas in heat being mindless lust puddles is a myth. The reality is they’re hornier (and more touch starved) then usual, but they’re still completely in control of their faculties. Alphas don’t become mindless when presented with an omega in heat either. Yes they’ll probably be attracted and yes they might pop a boner, but neither boners nor attraction turn people into mindless sex monsters. I’m sure you’re seeing the trend here. 

i’m gonna assume you’re the same anon and put all the asks here lolol.

this is honesty great and super in-depth there’s not anything coherent i can really add to it cuz you’ve covered all what i’ve been thinking^^

i honestly avoid a/b/o fics nowadays because i’ve lost interest in them, and because of how stale and unoriginal a lot of them are. i’ve also seen a lot of non-con a/b/o fics and just. no. no. also the whole thing about feminizing the omegas just because they “bottom”–i can’t. i just. no.

if a writer out there focused on all the things you’re talking about, anon, i would definitely read that fic, but thus far i’ve been disappointed.

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me, looking at the shitty characterization of lance and hunk, keith's total disappearance and UNACKNOWLEDGED near death, all character development getting dropkicked into the sun, the lion switch idiocy, and did I MENTION how dirty s4 did lance and hunk: THANKS I HATE IT

did u pull these words straight from my seething lips, anon? did u sneak into my room this morning and scan my fuckin brain

Spoiler Free Clear tips for Rabafail

It took me all day but I finally did it, AND we did it with 22 since two DPS left!

My tips for when you embark on Rabanastre, aka Wiping City of Salt Version 4.1

  • Go in via a data center wide Party Finder and not pure duty finder.  The people will be nicer and far less likely to abandon on the inevitable wipes.
  • Take your highest iLvl job.  Gear that drops is 330 but I saw people take loot for other jobs on the first boss because they feared the inevitable wipes on the second.  Just…. take your best job.
  • Eat a food.  The DPS checks are real, and your extra % damage may make up for the dead DPS on the ground.
  • Adds always take priority! why are you still DPSing the boss when there are adds up, stop being bad! Toss your DoTs or AOE grounds or w/e on the boss so the ticks hum along while you kill the adds before they blow up.  And they will blow up, trust me. 
  • Tanks, use your tank stance unless you’re on one of the aforementioned DPS checks.  Your healers do not want to tank.  Neither do your bards.
  • This raid has the standard A B C splits, but on the 2nd boss the B should be near the entrance and not the exit.  For the others (mainly 1 and 3), put the B party near the exit. A and C are spaced appropriately to make a nice neat triangle.
  • The second boss is the hardest.  The good news is that if you can clear the second boss, even after 5-6 wipes, you can clear the other two bosses.
  • ALL the bosses are a slog. Even if you don’t wipe, they take 15 minutes. Bank the full two hours to account for wipes. You’re not burning this in 20 minutes any time soon. 
  • Have medicines handy.  Tossing back a HQ Max Pot saved my ass several times.  Dead DPS aren’t DPSing. 
  • Don’t be a dick.  The content has been out less than 24 hours.  Nobody gives a shit that you cleared V4S.  This fight is not savage level, it’s just new and it’ll take everyone a few weeks to memorize all the mechanics.

Follow these tips, don’t give up on the 2nd boss, don’t despair, and you too will experience this blessed moment just before the final boss (who is the easiest and which my alliance one shot.)

Date Night

It was past midday when the Sister finally woke up, even if it was to an empty bed.

She pried her head from her pillows, her hair sticking to her face as she scanned the space next to her, unmoving. She stretched her arm out, gently caressing the soft fabric of where the Nameless Ghoul had fallen asleep with her the night before. She recalled in her mind his arms around her, his chest solid against her back and his face (even if it was behind a mask) buried in her hair.

She didn’t expect him to stick around, it was a momentary thing, a one time thing, and she knew that.

Yet, she remembered the last thing he said before she fell asleep, and that maybe he meant it, she hoped he meant it, that they should meet again.

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