b spontaneous

Late Night Prompts

Person A has a nightmare and can’t go back to sleep so Person B sets up a spontaneous middle of the night movie night/road trip/escapade for them

Person A is up late studying and Person B is worried about them so they force A away from their desk and put on some random TV show for them as they force feed Person A some food

Person A has an online business meeting with someone important who lives across the world so they have to stay up till 12 for the meeting. Person B doesn’t wanna to leave A alone so they grab a pillow and lay in A’s lap as they attend their meeting. Bonus points if Person B accidentally smacks Person A on the face in their sleep and everyone in the meeting laughs and calls them cute. 

Person A and Person B are having a contest to see who can stay up the latest. Person A has insomnia but hasn’t told Person B. Halfway through the night, Person A starts feeling guilty as they see Person B fighting to stay awake so they confess and tell Person B they have insomnia. Person B tells A that they already knew this and they would stay up all the nights they needed to if it made B feel better. 

supposed to be doing something else

no tact, no principle, but i think integrity remains

sullen october skies return, mid-march

and it’s strange, so strange to see them here, now

supposed to be practicing the saxophone,

supposed to be driving home by now,

supposed to be living, but something always

gets in the way and i’m stuck reciting old poetry,

it’s 2 in the morning, i’m making toast,

the wine’s all gone and i’m thinking about you

i don’t want to wake up to another morning of

panic and regret, flashbacks of terrible dreams gone by,

thinking that somehow i’ve failed you

the signs as similes

Aries : frighteningly beautiful, like the waves as they crash
Taurus : as confusing as a puzzle, but like a diamond when solved
Gemini : as addicting as your worst obsession
Cancer : comforting, like your parents living room
Leo : adventurous, like the first step in a new direction
Virgo : as heartfelt as the lyrics to your favorite song
Libra: proud, like your first earned paycheck
Scorpio : as breathtaking as your first kiss
Sagittarius : uncontrollable, like the ending of a frustrating book
Capricorn : spontaneous, like the drives you take at 3 am
Aquarius : as new and exciting as a new opportunity
Pisces : loving, like a birthday card from your best friend

Imagine your otp is a couple and person A of your otp gets de-aged to a teenager/ younger and person B has to take care of them, however person A has the emotions and hormones of the age they’ve turned into and B doesn’t really know how to deal with the whole situation
• imagine them going shopping together to find A clothes that will fit them
• imagine B asking where A would like to eat and A responds with ‘McDonald’s’
• imagine B threatening to enroll A in school
• imagine person A leaving a mess around the house and B feels exasperated
• imagine person B feeling really awkward now that A is a lot younger than them
• imagine A making B do dumb and spontaneous things, making B feel young again (ironically)
•imagine A having an attitude towards B

a plot where muse a is this anxious, quiet new kid at this huge boarding school who suffers from something like ocd or basically any other anxiety disorder, and muse b is this spontaneous firecracker already going there who’s pretty much the polar opposite of muse a and the exact type of person who should scare the shit out of them, but instead muse a feels drawn to their electricity. and almost immediately, they become the type of friends who tease each other continuously. muse a will go on and on about how annoying and loud muse b is and muse b will ruffle muse a’s hair and hug them always because they know how much muse a loves it, even if they insist they hate physical contact because muse b has become an easy exception to that rule. and whenever muse a has bad days muse b will miss all their classes to sit with muse a and help them relax and feel better, and eventually, it becomes a thing that they do even when muse a isn’t having bad days. they sit and cuddle and watch movies and muse a will stare at muse b for minutes on end until muse b says, “What?” and muse a will always say, “Nothing,” and turn away. it isn’t until months into their friendship that muse b says, “What?” and muse a says, “I love you.”

Imagine person A of your OTP is going on holiday. They’ve scheduled everything, and every little minute is planned and accounted for. However, when it comes to actually going on holiday, their flight is delayed and they end up missing the shuttle or bus or whatever they had planned on taking. As a result they have to walk to the hotel, but the streets are more confusing than they appear on the map.

They run into person B, a local, who is happy to point them in the right direction. B, unlike A, is spontaneous, and doesn’t plan anything - from what they wear to what they’re going to do that day to life in general. 

B wants to see A during their holiday, so A adapts their schedule to fit them in at some point the next day. To their chagrin, B arrives an hour before their appointed time to show them around, and drags A around to places they hadn’t even known about before getting there.

To A’s surprise, they enjoy their day and not knowing what’s coming up next, and cancel their plans for the rest of the week or however long they’re there in order to spend the time with B, who … maybe … isn’t as bad as they first thought.