b spec

If you can have a relationship with a Salarian in ME:A I hope that either the it is

A) explicitly asexual (or ace-spec)

B) explicitly aromantic (or aro-spec)

or C) BOTH

The conversation Shepard has with Mordin in ME2 makes it sound like Salarian culture is predominately ace/aro and this would be such a great opportunity to explore an ace/aro relationship!! Like please Bioware the set up is all there!!

1978 Mercedes CW311 Concept

This car is a creation of Eberhard Schulz ( founder of Isdera) and Rainer Buchmann ( the tuner B+B )to study of a Mercedes supercar. Inspired by the concept car Mercedes C111, it’s called the “ 300 SL of the 70’s ” !

Mercedes V8 M100 6834cc (417ci) / 375hp / 320km/h (199mph)