b sides i really adore


“Let’s go home together, Mutsuki.”

Behold: my Mutsurie bookmark!
Side A is the Oreo Cookie himself.
And side B is the adorable “I need a hug” Mucchan ^__^
I really wanted to draw them as children.

This new chapter really inspired me.
Urie so wants to be together with his Mutsuki again, safe and sound at the chateau.
In a way, he wants to “steal him away”,
a fate Mutsuki has hated men for opposing on him his whole life.
But maybe, it would be the complete opposite with Urie. A different kind of stolen.
Maybe instead of feeling only pain and worthlessness, he could feel joy and love.
Maybe he wouldn’t be an object for abuse, but a person beautiful, to be revered by Urie.

Maybe he wouldn’t mind being stolen away by this man.

Aww, the feels. Reminds me of Nishiki and Kimi’s “wouldn’t mind being betrayed if it was by you”
I was stupid enough to forget to put each character on their own paper, instead of sharing one. It got messy. Copic ink bled through, the paper got puffy, and it’s now very bend-prone since theres only a single flimsy paper in the bookmark plastic.