b side movies

Wait, what is this about Brian getting inspiration for the B-side song from the movie “Me Before You”??? He said this is his most favourite song out of the songs that he’s written so far.. Yo I cried like a baby when I watched that movie… are we going to get a song that’ll make us burst into tears again?!?! 

The B-Side: as quirky and comfy as her sofa

The new documentary by Errol Morris, The B-Side: Elsa Dorfman’s Photography, should delight anyone who has ever considered picking up a camera for more than just a snapshot.

There are personal stories (working as a secretary at Grove Press where she met Allen Ginsburg, Lawrence Ferlinghetti…) interspersed with her holding up her large format Polaroid photographs for the camera.

It is a personal as a documentary can be.

Three scheduled showtimes at the local art house cinema yesterday and it was gone. 6 out of 10 suggests that you catch it before it disappears.