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Rod Stewart, Ron Wood, and Ian Mclagan of The Faces drinking sake at a reception for the band in Tokyo, April 1974.


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I finally designed my Inventor asterisk holder

The holder of the Inventor asterisk is Elektrus Clare Magnus, a technically twenty-four-year-old man from the Eisen region. He employs gadgets and devices to assist him in small increments over the course of battle.

He appears to be confident and outgoing , which he uses as a ruse to hide the fact that he has no idea what he is doing with his life and that if he was taken out of his comfort zone of mechanical prowess, he would likely cease to function.

From Altair’s era, Elektrus was cryogenically frozen to protect precious research materials in case of mass destruction. He was accidentally awoken during the ducal-orthodox war by the Swordbearers, and eventually ended up in Anchiem as a famous master mechanic known lovingly as Eclare - regardless of whether he wanted to be or not.

Likes: Yunohana sashimi, the smell of motor oil, pranking people

Dislikes: Slang, creative lulls, cold weather

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