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As Susan B. Anthony’s name trends on Twitter — and as people blanket her Rochester, New York, grave in “I Voted” stickers — it’s worth remembering that Anthony’s legacy is a paragon of white feminism. Anthony’s pursuit of women’s rights came with a hefty dose of racism. On its website, the National Women’s History Museum is careful to emphasize that Anthony’s problem wasn’t with black men voting, per se.

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“I will cut off this right arm of mine before I will ever work or demand the ballot for the Negro and not the woman.“ - Susan B. Anthony

I hate having to explain jokes, but yes the 15th amendment gave Black men the *legal* right to vote. No women were able to vote at the time. The full promise of the 15th Amendment wasn’t realized until almost a century later, with the Voting Rights Act. Black men had the legal right to vote then, but trust that they weren’t waltzing into any Southern polling stations. The fight continues.

American followers with uteruses, this post pertains to your health and safety for the next four years. Donald Trump just reinstated the Global Gag Rule created by Regan in 1984. Under this rule, “foreign organizations that take US family planning money can’t use any money, from any other donor, on abortion-related services. The restriction applies to providing abortions or giving any information about abortion, including medical advice or referrals — even in countries where abortion is legal.”

I urge you all to consider buying Plan B as this presidency progresses. It’s only day 3 and Trump has already made abortions more difficult to obtain. I’m afraid to see a spike in maternity-related deaths. Plan B can be picked up at any pharmacy. While it does cost $50, it has a four-year shelf life. In this presidency, we have to be ready for a condom to break. We have to be ready in the event we get assaulted. Protect yourselves as best you can because our president is not going to protect you. If you can afford to buy it, do so as soon as possible before he tries to take Plan B off of the local pharmacy’s shelves. 

plan a: punch it plan b: blow it up plan c: panic

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simon lewis and the not-so-patient downworlder bros: 1.10 vs 2.02


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