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hc meme! 2, 11 and 13 bc why not.

2.     emotional / moral weak spots :

allura has always had trouble when it comes to the galra ,   and this doesn’t really need to be touched upon a whole lot  ( deadpans to keith / allura relationship ) .   as a peaceful creature ,   raised in a environment that promoted diplomatic and reasonable outcomes to arguments ,   allura finds herself in constant turmoil with the amount of rage she carries against zarkon and the galra :   half of her wants to resolve things peacefully ,   but the other half knows there will never be a peaceful ending for this .   there is only blood and pain and death at the end of this tunnel .   the galra have become her weak spot ,   with her hellbent on destroying their empire ,   and yet holding back for political sake .   it’s  THE GAME .

11.     bad or petty habits :

LISSEN Y’ALL WANNA TALK P ETTY HAB I TS   can we talk about the fucking  shade  allura throws keith and how this is a terrible habit of hers to just  IGNORE CERTAIN THINGS OKAY  and to give that face ????   my sweet daughter is not so sweet sometimes i’m gonna have to make a legit post about this soon bc i’ve seen allura throw some  fucking looks  she is so expressive when it comes to shit she doesn’t like

13 .      what gets them flustered :

i hc allura never being with someone before  ( my poor altean will be the only one to survive an  80′s horror film )  so even very small touches can get her  easily  blushy and confused  ——  deadpans to when shiro grabbed her hand :

and she just gives  that face for split moment ,   that  holy fuck he’s touching me  kinda look and then she dissolves back into the conversation they’re having .   she prefers gentle ,   meaningful things ,   but sins in her mind about being roughed around ,   especially since alteans are considered a physically stronger race of aliens .


[knock, knock, special delivery for Mrs.Simth…]

Jax: “Ma, I can’t believe you got Voidcritter’s Battle Station for us! That was super fast! Gimmie Big Hugs! You’re the BEST MOM EVER!”

B: “It’s called Prime son; and YOU know your hugs save the world.” [squeezes].

B: “Alright kiddos listen up, no foul play, no cheating and no poor sport. In this corner we have the heavy weight champ Jax Simth! Annnnd, in this corner we have the undefeated champion Jordyn Simth! Man your battle stations! ARE… YOU… READY?!”

[click, click, click, Peeuwn, Poof, click, click, click]

B: “Victory goes too [drumroll] Jaxon!”

Jordyn: “Awe Man!”

Jaxon: “It’s OK brother, I’ll let you beat me next time.” [hugs]

B:  [notes to self] “I really AM the best mom aren’t I?” [smirks]