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5월 4,5일은 대통령선거 사전투표를 하는 날입니다!!5월 9일 바쁘신분들은 사전투표에 꼭 참여해주세요~~^^#B1A4 #산들 #홍보대사 #오마이걸 #투표참여 #BANA
#투표할꺼지요 ~~??♡♡ #사전투표


The 4th and 5th of May are the pre-voting days for the Presidential election!! !! If you’re busy then, please vote on the 9th of May~~^^ #B1A4 #Sandeul #Ambassador #OhMyGirl #VotingParticipation #BANA  
#YoullVoteWontYou ~~??♡♡ #PreVoting

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Honestly jiminie is the cutest and i cant wait to see this soft bean in his outfit !!! ☺️😩☺️😩😩 im sure nammie's gonna love it too 😉

Oh this s o f t  b e a n   gon be beautiful ( hopefully lmao )

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How would the boys react if they saw their crush in a Santa Claus dress but it was short and their crush was shy about it. Merry Christmas :)

(merry christmas to you too! but please be more specific about which teams you’d like me to answer for ;u; in this case i’ll be doing style five…)

Makoto: He’s bright red in a matter of seconds, waving his hands around and trying to boost their morale. “O-Oh, no, it looks great on you! B-But if you’re not comfortable with it, you can always change into something else…" 

Haruka: He’s too shy to even look at them, glancing away and holding a hand over the lower half of his face. "You… you look good. Don’t be embarrassed.” Without making eye contact, he drapes his jacket over their bare shoulders. “Sorry, it just looked cold, so…”

Nagisa: He pounces onto them right away and traps them in a tight hug complete with gleeful laughter and cheek nuzzling. “Oh, jeez, that’s not fair, ___-chan! You can’t go around walking in something so cute and expect me not to hug you! Don’t be so shy!" 

Rei: "O-Oh, yes, you look very, um, b-b-beautiful in such a-a dress, and-” For some reason he’s tripping all over his words and has to resort to wiping his glasses furiously as an excuse not to look directly at them. He almost feels dizzy from how adorable they are. 

Rin: When he sees how shy they are, he slowly presses the back of their head into his chest in a soft hug. “W-What’re you saying? You look good. It’s just, uh…” He coughs a little while blushing. “D-Don’t let some other guy see you wearing something like that, alright…?"