b o p e e p

Dear anyone,

I ruin everything.

I do. I micromanage whatever I can, I get possessive, I let anxiety control my life, I obsess over what people think about me and let those thoughts determine how I act around said people. I take everything personally. I am so self-centered it’s not even funny anymore. I’m so negative around others that it’s toxic. I’m a toxic person.

I just wanted to let it out.


A Fellow DMB Reader (J)

sorakhhikari98  asked:

Y'konw the only thing that I Don't like a lot in lance it's how small his pupils are! Like c'mon give some justice to my boy lance! I want to get a better view on his blue eyes! (BTW hello again!)

Friend, fear not, I’ve got you covered - I present to you, Lance’s eyes:

blue boy 💙

hey you know what makes me furious? all the negative portrayals of Christians in fiction media. We’re not supposed to be hateful and intolerant of every little flaw, we’re not supposed to just /say/ we’re Christians and then do things like cuss have affairs and just… s i n without caring about it. That’s how SO many people write Christians, and it’s inaccurate to how we’re supposed to act and downright infuriating.


People who compare John’s freckles to the stars are the best kind of people

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