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I just… really love this movie

multifandom follow train

since i love doing this + i’ve lost quite a lot of followers lately +  i want to find new blogs/mutuals, let’s do another one of this. 

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  • add in the tags your main fandoms
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  • find new people to follow & have fun ♥
  • Episode 001 of Adventure time: Finn and Jake travel up a mountain on an adventure and go through a number of trials so that they can have a picnic and read a book on how to kiss a princess.
  • Episode 266 of Adventure Time: Finn's duplicate, which was formed from a cursed grass sword that had become his arm after it was ripped off by his father, fused with a sword made out of finn himself when he was paradox cloned by the god of the multiverse so that jake could make said god come back to life by turning into him into his sleep, takes Finn into some ruins. There he locks Finn up with nothing but trash and dirt to sustain himself, with the intent of taking over Finn's life by transforming into him. Finn escapes after realising Princess Bubblegum had put voice functions into his robot arm that replaced the grass arm which was now his duplicate. After this, a desperate Finn assassinates his grass altself by accidentally using the "Fatality" function which was programmed into the robot arm. He goes home truly horrified about what he had done, but little does he know, Princess Bubblegum's presumably exiled Uncle Gumbald who could be a thousand years old and looks like a B movie villain shows up and picks up Fern's pieces.
  • ....First episode of Adventure Time: Princess Bubblegum straight up brings her ex-boyfriend back from the dead, then creates a chain of events that result in her own death 2 seasons later.
follow train

i’ve seen many people do this and i always end up finding amazing blogs to follow! so let’s do this + you’ll probably gain some pretty awesome followers and maybe even friends!

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hope this helps you find some new blogs to follow!

follow train

yeaaaa again 


  • you can follow mea multifandom mess if you want
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  • write in the tags if you’re a b&w/pale or a colorful blog & your main fandom(s)
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  • spread the word, find great blogs & have fun  ♥

It’s October! Time to put this song in repeat for the whole month!!