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Christine: He’s really quiet and doesn’t talk a lot, he actually mostly hides away from people but he seems like a really nice person!!

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Hello. As a bi girl myself, I have to say I don't agree with your view that LMM is biphobic. One could argue that he shows some inherent prejudice in including an A-H-E love triangle instead of L-H-E, but in the end, Angelica IS ELIZA'S SISTER and thus a subplot which includes her is going to be ten times more emotive. Also, LMM has explicitly stated that Hamilton is bi in the musical, and by ignoring that, you are implying that bi people in hetero relationships are not valid which. They. Are.

As a bi girl, I don’t agree.  I’m sorry, but stating after the fact in some interview after your musical is hugely popular and has made you very rich that OH BY THE WAY THE CHARACTER IS BI is not representation.  It just is not.  Him saying Ham is bi in the musical even though it is in no way explicit in the musical is, to me, no different than JK Rowling and her “Dumbledore is gay!” reveal after the fact. It’s not actual representation. 

Also, LMM has explicitly stated that Hamilton is bi in the musical, and by ignoring that, you are implying that bi people in hetero relationships are not valid which. They. Are.

I feel like my blog explicitly talks about Ham being bi often.  I don’t think I have EVER said or implied that bi people in hetero relationships are not valid.  Like, I actually talk about how they are all the time!  So I really don’t know how you think I’m ignoring that because I take a musical to task for not being explicit. 

But Lin talking about this after the fact while not actually putting it in his musical is bullshit.  It just is.  He’s the one that erased Hamilton’s sexuality.  Not me. 

Also he added a love triangle that did not exist in life and ignored an important relationship Ham had with a man in favor of it.  And he reduced Angelica’s actual importance to do it. 

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if pidge were a trans boy or nb she wouldn't have said a damn thing because they already thought of her as a boy at the time...... but she specifically said shes a girl. any trans boy i know definitely wouldn't call himself a girl to a group of people that already saw him as a boy..... shes a trans girl lads


Sooooo I learned at exactly midnight that it’s @musta–krakish ‘s birthday. So I drew you a really fast Nyanthan and Tabbygail while I was in class. 


The Little Detours
a Hunter x Hunter AU

Because apparently making one mood board for this AU isn’t enough.
More aesthetics featuring trans girl Gon and afab genderfluid Killua!

Meg Cabot Heroines – Samantha Madison | All-American Girl

And interestingly, even though many of the notes my mother had read off the flowers and balloons and teddy bears had mentioned something along the same line, this was the first time I actually thought about it. Me being brave, and all.

And the thing was, it simply wasn’t true. I hadn’t been brave. Being brave is when you have to do something because you know it is right, but at the same time you are afraid to do it, because it might hurt or whatever. But you do it anyway. Like me defending Catherine from Kris Parks when she starts in on her about her Laura Ingalls Wilder dresses or whatever, knowing that Kris is just going to start in on me next. Now, that’s brave.