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a little less sixteen candles, a little more “touch me” // fall out boy


“If the repair kit never stops working, then…why did you give her two?”

benefaris  asked:

Basorexia: Cullen/Trevelyan

Basorexia, “an overwhelming desire to kiss”


I am sorry to trouble you with this letter. I know that you are busy with other pressing matters, but I would not have written you were it not of the utmost importance and concern. I fear this is a dire subject, and must be treated with care. Your silence is requested in this matter, as this is for your eyes and your eyes only. But I will delay no further; I will be brief.

It has come to my attention of late that you are in possession of an exceptional mouth. Unfortunately, this mouth has recently been taken from my company, for far too many weeks, and while I understand that your mouth is a great benefit to the Inquisition, and the people it inspires, I fear I have grown an inordinate fondness for this mouth, and would see it returned to me as soon as possible. I fear your mouth has lacked kisses since the day I last saw you, and I would do my best, as your Commander, to undo this terrible fault if you would return home to me. All that is in my power will be yours. All your mouth desires, it shall have—your eyes, too, and your hands, and your arms, your legs, your stomach—if only you return with that precious mouth still in-tact—(no bleeding lip, as the time before!)

I await your thoughts on the matter, as always, Inquisitor.

Travel safe. And remember, my lips are missing yours, too.


Commander Cullen 

He said to me “You aren’t the ‘sick girl’ in my head, you’re the ‘everything else girl’ so why would I talk about sickness when I can talk about everything else?”

And in that moment my soul relaxed & for the first time in what felt like a lifetime I believed I was more than my illness.


H.Rose ~ Everything Else (by @fightingfearnotpain)

{Paraphrased to be more relatable to others. In real life he used my name, and that made it so much more real}


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"no man wants a women that..."

I can name you bout 5 hoes who getting wifed before your old school traditional lonely ass who lives to only impress men and then be sitting there mad as fuck when the bitches who are half naked are getting more niggas than you. You don’t know what a man really wants because every man is different. You sound weak af saying this shit tbh

Moral of the story is: hoes get wifed everyday, B and so do good girls so it’s really not a competition to see who getting wifed more. Your value doesn’t depend on whether or not a nigga wanna be with you

None of my friends like girl groups and so like I need someone to talk to about my girl group feels like for example: twice’s momo can we talk about her????? And can we talk about how gfriend’s sowon is a total babe