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You either die as a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become super badass...

From  Human Torch

To Captain America

From Johnny Storm 

To N’Jadaka 

From Green Lantern 

To Deadpool

From Daredevil

To Batman

From Batman 

To Vulture

Know what’s interesting? Apparently Infinity War still hasn’t beaten Black Panther at the domestic box office ($699mil to $676mil) and since it’s about to be out of basically all theaters and on dvd/digital next week it never will. Yes I know it’s not a competition and call me petty if you want but there’s something…satisfying about the fact that Black Panther continues to reign as the biggest Marvel movie EVER in the US.

T’Challa when Shuri shows everyone the video of him getting tossed by the suit


ME 💀🤣♥️


movies that showcase how women too, can be badass and are just as fit for combat as men are? Yes Please.


Training #blackpanther