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The Fall of the Damned, conversely known as The Fall of the Rebel Angels - Peter Paul Rubens
ca. 1620
Oil on canvas
286 cm × 224 cm (112.60 in × 88.19 in)
Alte Pinakothek, Munich

Rubens, fleuve d'oubli, jardin de la paresse,
Oreiller de chair fraîche où l'on ne peut aimer,
Mais où la vie afflue et s'agite sans cesse,
Comme l'air dans le ciel et la mer dans la mer;
C. B. 

I just hit 6.5k followers which is a fucking lot, so i decided to do a TA to celebrate!


MBF me

R E B L O G this

this post must get at least 50 notes

this ends Saturday 21 May at 2000 CEST


Best Url

Best Theme

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Im gonna pick one winner and 1-2 runner-ups depending on the notes



a link to your blog in my updates tab

a promo when you win, and promos whenever you want

icons and themes/pages by request whenever you want


a link to your blog in my updates tab

a promo when you win

icons and themes/pages by request whenever you want

I’ve just reached 1.5k  (yay, so excited!!!) and to commemorate that I’m doing a 48 hour tumblr awards with a twist. EVERYONE WINS. Yes you did hear that correctly, everyone wins something with this super awesome version of tumblr awards. Keep reading to find out what the heck that means


must be following me

r e b l o g  this post please

i will do this for whoever reblogs this in the next 48 hours

 The Prizes 

Here’s the deal, everyone will win a personalized award

I will look at your blog and give you an award – it could be anything from “best bellarke sidebar image” to “strongest selfie game” to “most gracious to their followers”

I just want to do something really nice for all of my followers because you are all amazing

It will be published in lists of 5-10 with mutuals bolded and the award right next to it for everyone to see

So that’s about it, if you have any questions please just shoot me an ask! 

🎂 Geena’s Birthday Page :)

hi guys so I have decided to do a birthday page as I’ve seen many others around and wanted to give back to my followers in some way

R u l e s:

  • must be following me
  • r e b l o g this post
  • send me your name and your birthday and I will add you to my bday page

What you will get:

  • a promo on your birthday
  • possibly a gifset if u request one or if i have time to check out your blog and interests :)
  • a spot on my birthday page :)