b makes the same pose in every picture

Infinite | Types of Instagrams
  • Sungkyu: Selfies, making fun of friends, brags about having friends,
  • Dongwoo: 80% pictures of family, selfies, what are you doing?,
  • Woohyun: screencap shares, selfies with the same angle every time, posts collages too much
  • Hoya: dance videos, #fuckfilters
  • Sungyeol: made an account because friends made him, posts pictures b/c phone probs reminded them they have this app, the "this person just made a recent post" notification,
  • Myungsoo: pictures are 100000% aesthetics, quality also 100000000%, makes your account look like shit, people go on to his account to cleanse their eyes
  • Sungjong: model poses 85% of time, looking hella good,
  • Infinite on other social media: *links to instagram*