b era

Out of all the Victorian homes I have seen, this is by far one of my absolute favorites. Its called the Ransom B. Moore house and was built in 1871 in Romeo, Michigan. I always love catching glimpses of it when I’m in Romeo. I would buy this home in a heartbeat if I won the lottery haha 😍💜

Iron helmet from a Vendel era (550-793 AD) boat grave in Vendel, Uppland, Sweden, Museum of History in Stockholm. (orig. photo in color - via: wiki user: Thuresson - Flickr user: Mararie - creative commons)

“In Swedish prehistory, the Vendel era (550-793) is the name given to a part of the Germanic Iron Age (or, more generally, the Migration Period)” (text via: spottinghistory.com)

Californication Era - Californication Tour, Backstage at Woodstock Festival, Griffiss Air Force Base, Rome, August 14th 1999. Taken from Rolling Stone Magazine, April 2002.