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Matt B wrote printshop, its ep 6. Bell jingles , imo, cliffhanger ep 5... 6 will be reunion and brothel night. Also cait said this weekend it's not 50/50 they're apart/together. So, it's less than half.

I agree. Matt seems to be hinting at 1.06 as well. No matter how they break the season, we’re still getting 13 episodes and from what people have said about episode one it’s going to be an amazing season. Can’t wait!

  • lance pointing to a trophy: what's that for
  • keith: oh i did trick riding when i was a kid
  • lance: trick ri- like what?
  • keith: like handstands and stuff, i guess.
  • lance: ...handstands. i've never seen you do a handstand in your life.
  • keith, shrugging: it's easier to do on a horse.
  • lance:
  • lance: who are you