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Updated Masterlist | 4.1.17

{Yo….this took me so long. I had to keep changing the date}

T O M  H O L L A N D 

Dating Tom Holland Would Include
You and Me
A Total Mess
More Like Her
Hands to Myself
Honest  |||  Part Two 
Tom & OFC
Prank Imagine 
Ex-Girlfriend Interview Imagine
Lovey Dovey Interview Imagine
Celebrity Crush Interview Imagine
Dressing Formal Imagine 
Thanking Tom Imagine
Facetiming Tom Imagine

P E T E R  P A R K E R 

Let it Grow 
Just Smile
Stay Away
Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman
Finding You Outside Imagine
Finding Out Imagine
Finding Out (shorter version) Imagine
Project Help Imagine ||| Part Two 

J U G H E A D  J O N E S 

What Do You Feel ||| Part Two 

C H R I S  E V A N S 

Stone Cold Sober
Fatherhood Interview Imagine
Father Chris Imagine
Spilling The Beans Imagine
Taking Off Shirt Imagine
Giving In Imagine
Meeting New Boyfriend Imagine
Laughing Game Imagine
Divorcing Chris Imagine
That Look Imagine

S T E V E  R O G E R S 

Age Of Ultron Imagine
Asking For Permission Imagine
Disagreeing Sokovia Accords Imagine

S E B A S T I A N  S T A N 

Drunken Nights
Simple Hello  ||| Part Two
First We Had  ||| Part Two
Parting Ways
Annoyed Imagine
Don’t You Do That Interview Imagine

B U C K Y  B A R N E S 

Brain Scrambled Imagine
Steve Telling Bucky Imagine
Afraid To Leave Imagine
Finding Out He Killed Imagine
Sent To Kill Imagine

T J  H A M M O N D 

She’ll Be The Death ||| Part Two 

J E F F E R S O N 


S H A W N  M E N D E S 


H A R R Y  S T Y L E S 

War Is Love |||  Part Two
Reaction Imagine
Caught In Interview Imagine

E D D I E  R E D M A Y N E 

Three Words
Panicked Interview Imagine
Platonic Interview Imagine
Platonic Interview Part Two Imagine
Costar Imagine

N E W T  S C A M A N D E R 

Newt Dating a Muggle / No-Maj
The Greatest Creation |||  Part Two
Yer A Wizard
I Wouldn’t Mind / OFC
Talking About You Imagine
Amazed By You Imagine
Dramatic & Sick You Imagine

E Z R A  M I L L E R 


C R E D E N C E  B A R E B O N E

My Credence Plea
Under The Mistletoe
Monsters Lyrics
Helping Him Imagine
Helping You Imagine

D R A C O  M A L F O Y 

Bite The Hand That Feeds
Last Straw
Change Of Heart

H E R M I O N E  G R A N G E R 

Flustered Times
Good Advice
Crush Imagine

F R E D  W E A S L E Y 

Sentimental Gift Ft. George Weasley
Lost & Found
Take Care Imagine

S I R I U S  B L A C K 

The Return Of The Jackal
Son Imagine
All This Time Imagine
Getting Killed Imagine

R E M U S  L U P I N 

Sneaking In Late Imagine

H A R R Y  P O T T E R 

A Nervous Wreck
Dumbledore’s Army Imagine

H P  A E S T H E T I C S / M O O D B O A R D S 

Slytherin 2

S C O T T  M C C A L L 

Innocently Deadly
Finding Out Imagine

S T I L E S  S T I L I N S K I 

Denying You Imagine

P E T E R  H A L E 

Being The Reason Imagine
Leave Me Alone Imagine

S P E N C E R  R E I D 

Being Late Imagine
Your Voice Imagine

A A R O N  H O T C H N E R 

Jack’s Favorite Babysitter Imagine
Jack’s Favorite Part Two Imagine

Throne of Glass name game

YES I’M JUST PROCRASTINATING WORK #sorrynotsorry have fun with these as well ;)

1) Your FIRST letter of your FIRST name.

A B C D - Aelin
E F G - Rowan
H I J - Chaol
K L M - Dorian
N O P - Manon
Q R S - Lysandra
T U V - Elide
W X - Aedion
Y Z - Maeve

2) Your LAST letter of your LAST name.

A B C D - wants to
E F G H - likes to
I J K L - loves to
M N O P - needs to
Q R S T U - refuses to
V W X Y Z - hates to

3) Your SECOND letter of your FIRST name.

A B - play doctor
C D - kill people
E F - have sex
G H - fight
I J - make out
K L - dance
M N - go shopping
O P - cry about their feelings
Q R - watch their enemies suffer
S T U  - get drunk
V W X - flirt
Y Z - be dom

4) Your SECOND letter of your LAST name.

A B - with Rowan
C D - with Dorian
D E - with Manon
F G - with Asterin
H I - with Abraxos
I J - with Erawan
K L - with Chaol
M N - with Sam
O P - with Aelin
Q R - with Cairn
S T - with Lorcan
U V - with Lysandra
W X - with Maeve
Y Z - with Elide

*** Mine is “Dorian refuses to have sex with Rowan”

i thought about kissing you today
and yesterday
and the day before that.
i know i’ll think about kissing you
and the day after that
and some more days after those days.
i think about kissing you
and tracing my fingers along
your lips.
i think about kissing you
in your car, in the rain, on your doorstep.
i think about kissing your
dimple, your cheek, your spot.
i think about kissing only you,
not anyone else,
just you.
—  p i l l o w  t h o u g h t s  b y  c o u r t n e y  p e p p e r n e l l

She is an angel
And the heaven’s are constantly
F i g h t i n g to win her

She is an angel
That Lucifer f e l l in love with
And is trying to bring
To Hell.

She is an angel
That walks among men and beasts
And she could tip the b a l a n c e
If she wanted.

She is an angel
Who cares only for the humans
That reside on the Earth
B e l o w her feet.

She is an angel
Made of flesh and blood
Who knows not of the war
Being fought over h e r.

—  Adrian D Epps
RQ Name Game

1.) Your FIRST letter of your FIRST name.

A B C D E - Maven
F G H I J - Evangelo
K L M N O - Farley
P Q R S T - Kilorn
U V W X - Cal
Y Z -Mare

2.) Your LAST letter of your LAST

A B C D E F G - wants to
H I J K L M N - loves to
O P Q R S T - likes to
U V W X Y Z - hates to

3.) Your SECOND letter of your FIRST name.

A B C - kill people
D E F - catch fish
G H I - fight
J K L - dance
M N O - eat
P Q R - watch their enemies suffer
S T U - sleep
V W X - watch the dawn
Y Z - bitch

3.) Your SECOND letter of your LAST name.

A B C D - with Mare
E F G H I - with Maven
J K L M - with Cal
N O P Q - with Farley
R S T U - with Evangeline
V W X - with Kilorn
Y - with Gisa
Z - with Elara

how accurate is yours?

TOUJOURS PUR | a house of black playlist      [ l i s t en  h e r e ]

i. B E L L A T R I X @asderanged

  • You Don’t Get It - Harlea
  • Trouble - The New Respects
  • Animal - Badflower
  • Hellfire - Barns Courtney
  • Night People - You Me At Six

ii. A N D R O M E D A @andromedablackism

  • Ghosts - Pvris
  • Willow Tree - Twin Wild
  • The Fire - Bishop Briggs
  • Love and Hate - Arrow Benjamin
  • Restless - Cold War Kids

iii. N A R C I S S A

  • Baptism By Fire - Sleigh Bells
  • Milk & Honey - Jessarae
  • Black Magic - The Amazons
  • High Enough - K. Flay
  • Never Meant To Be - Welshly Arms

iv. S I R I U S @orionsdxg

  • Wrong Crowd - Tom Odell
  • Boomerang - Lower Than Atlantis
  • The Mystic - Adam Jensen
  • I’m Gonna Do My Thing - Royal Deluxe
  • I Saw You Close Your Eyes - Local Natives

v. R E G U L U S

  • Hardcore - Reignwolf
  • Heat Stroke -  Black Math
  • Masks - Night Riot
  • Lights Out - Royal Blood
  • Broken Bones - CRX

Let’s be lovers.

May we shout
the n a s t i e s t names,

Make the best
e x c u s e s,

Brew the most poisonous
j e a l o u s y,

Breed our
s e l f i s h n e s s,

Bring our
w o r s t,

Compete for the most agonized
v i c t i m,

Throw all sarcastic
j o k e s,

Stab each other’s back with various
s h a r p o b j e c t s,

Drink each other’s
b l o o d and t e a r s,

Mourn for each other’s
d e a t h–

c o u n t l e s s times,

m a d l y


ACOTAR Name Game

I took this idea from a post I saw this morning, have fun. :)

1) Your FIRST letter of your FIRST name.

A B C D - Feyre
E F G - Rhysand
H I J - Lucien
K L M - Cassian
N O P - Azriel
Q R S - Morrigan
T U V - Nesta
W X - Elain
Y Z - Tamlin

2) Your LAST letter of your LAST name.

A B C D - wants to
E F G H - likes to
I J K L - loves to
M N O P - needs to
Q R S T U - refuses to
V W X Y Z - hates to

3) Your SECOND letter of your FIRST name.

A B - go camping
C D - kill people
E F - have sex
G H - fight
I J - make out
K L - dance
M N - defeat Hybern
O P - cry
Q R - watch their enemies suffer
S T U  - get drunk
V W X - go treasure-hunting
Y Z - play hide-and-seek

4) Your SECOND letter of your LAST name.

A B - with Morrigan
C D - with Tamlin
D E - with Nesta
F G - with Cassian
H I - with Rhysand
I J - with Lucien
K L - with the mortal queens
M N - with Elain
O P - with Ianthe
Q R - with Feyre
S T - with Amarantha
U V W - with Azriel
X Y Z - with Papa Archeron

Mine is “Cassian refuses to have sex with Morrigan” LOL

Harry Potter Masterlist

I really haven’t written very much yet, but I thought I’d post a masterlist anyway to help with any problems organization wise. Also, sidenote: I’m hoping to have more up soonish, so thanks for being patient ily. 

total works: 12

♡ = personal favorites

☆ = fan favorites

Golden Trio Era

D R A C O   M A L F O Y


in which y/n’s studying charms at the library, but the only thing draco seems to be studying is her.

in which y/n has a new boyfriend and draco doesn’t approve. 

F R E D   W E A S L E Y 


in which y/n is trying to study for her potions exam and the weasley twins can’t seem to shut up.

in which fred certainly isn’t jealous when george helps y/n practice quidditch.

 G E O R G E   W E A S L E Y 


in which george walks in on y/n singing and likes what he hears. 

in which molly introduces george and y/n and fluff ensues.


meeting george after the war.

R O N   W E A S L E Y 


in which ron is too nervous to ask y/n out so he follows her around instead.

in which ron catches y/n staring and is just a little bit too pleased.

H A R R Y   P O T T E R 


  • coming soon

N E V I L L E   L O N G B O T T O M 


in which neville and y/n are partners in herbology and have to work outside of class.

C E D R I C   D I G G O R Y 


in which cedric proposes to y/n after the triwizard tournament.

in which cedric is adorable to wake up to the morning after his and y/n’s wedding.


  • Mixed Emotions

in which y/n has found herself in a love triangle with the weasley twins

Marauders Era

S I R I U S   B L A C K 

  • coming soon

R E M U S   L U P I N 

  • coming soon 

J A M E S   P O T T E R

  • coming soon

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You know when I said I knew little about love? That wasn’t true. I know a lot about love. I’ve seen it, centuries and centuries of it, and it was the only thing that made watching your world bearable… You could search to the furthest reaches of the universe and never find anything more beautiful. So yes, I know that love is unconditional. But I also know that it can be
   u n p r e d i c t a b l e  ,
              u n e x p e c t e d  ,
                 u n c o n t r o l l a b l e  ,  
                          u n b e a r a b l e   a n d  

                               s t r a n g e l y   e a s y    t o   m i s t a k e   f o r   l o a t h i n g.

masterlist / auroremus

HP, its characters and scenarios all belong to J.K. Rowling, only the reader and the plot belong to me. This is purely fan fiction but you can not repost this anywhere else without asking and crediting me or use it as yours, the plot is entirely mine.

p r e f e r e n c e s

the first time they say they love you. / requested.

how they feel about pda.

b l u r b  t a g 

You send me a little prompt, I work my magic.

o n e  s h o t s 

r e m u s  l u p i n 

dating remus lupin would include. / requested

cherished / requested

sweetheart / requested

the liquid gold that is vitality / requested

r e g u l u s  b l a c k

no more secrets / requested

s i r i u s  b l a c k 

shelter / requested

hot cocoa / requested

Last update at: February 15th, 2017.

Request // Writing Schedule // All my writing (including some SW, Marvel and ASOIAF). 

Mobile Masterlist!


- m o o d . b o a r d s

- n s f w

- f a k e . t e x t s

- b l u r b s

- a u . m e m e s

- v i s u a l s . i n c l u d e d


4 / 4

he texts you to say he loves you while you’re in school |

he texts you while on tour |

the tweet that confirms you’re dating |

public displays of affection |


you drunk text him while he’s on tour – he gets worried |

new year’s eve

suggestive pictures | |

reacting to you giving birth |

he asks you to run away with him |

he’s on tour and you have finals |

college!5sos series *NEW |

l u k e

christmas |

neighbour!luke |

you think he hates you |

teasing him |

m i c h a e l

the perfect ending

christmas |

bad boy!michael |

making out |

“quit being sarcastic!”*NEW |

c a l u m

christmas |

ghost!calum |

new year’s eve: calum part 2

calum misses you a lot on tour |

cheat pt.1

“why do you love rj more than me?” |

calum + violet*NEW |

a s h t o n

christmas |

art student!ashton |

ashton falls in love with you |

3 a.m.


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BURN everything you love, then  b u r n   the ashes. in the end everything  c o l l i d e s. my  c h i l d h o o d  spat back out the  M O N S T E R  that you see.