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To Read and To Write

ELORCAN FLUFF. ELORCAN. MY BAES. I love it. Can’t get enough. In which Elide decides to learn how to read and Lorcan teaches her Feysand style. Still new to writing, so criticism is appreciated! Thank you for all the support on my last fanfiction! You guys make my heart warm. 💕 

I got this idea from the wonderful @vukica10

Word count: 681 



 On a gloomy night, Elide Lochan decided it was time. She got up from her desk, picking a piece of lint off of her flannel pajamas, and limped her way towards her mate. 

 “Lorcan, I want to learn how to read and write.” Lorcan, wearing red pajama bottoms, looked over his shoulder and smiled a little bit. Lorcan, usually stoic, was more relaxed around Elide. Happier. 

 “Anything you want, Elide. We can start now, if you wish.” He replied. Lorcan reached into his desk for a stack of paper and a pen. He sat down and gestured for her to sit in the chair beside him and then wrote down a few sentences. 

Elide is the most beautiful girl. 

 Elide is the smartest girl. 

 Elide is the bravest girl. 

 Lorcan handed the piece of paper to her and said, “Try and read these sentences.” 

 Elide looked over at Lorcan and then at the pieces of paper. She grasped the papers and took a deep breath, her dark onyx eyes twinkling. The writing was messy and scribbled down, but still legible. She looked over the first word, trying to sound it out in her head. “Elide… i-is… the..” The next word was harder, but Elide figured it out through her logic and silent combination of letters. “Most?” 

 “Good,” he murmured. 

 The next word was more challenging. She mentally pieced together the words and sounded it out. The next one took her longer than she would have liked to admit. “B-e-a-u-tiful.. beautiful?” Elide looked at the next word. “Girl. Elide is the most beautiful girl.” Elide looked up, her pale face illuminated with pride. 

Lorcan smiled a little. “Go ahead. Read the next sentence. I’ll get us something to eat.” 

 Lorcan walked stood up and walked out of the large bedroom, leaving his mate to her reading. He wondered just how he could’ve ended up with someone so perfect, so kind and smart. The corners of his mouth tilted up just a little bit. 

 He looked out of the large glass window and frowned when he saw the large thunderstorm brewing. Just as he turned around, the sound of thunder struck, splitting the silence in two. He started making two cups of steaming hot chocolate, Elide’s favourite drink, and grabbed a few chocolate chip cookies, also Elide’s favourite, and placed them onto a plate. 

He walked back to the room where Elide was and opened the door, revealing a barefooted Elide, wrapped in a blanket. She had moved from the desk to in front of the bright, crackling fireplace. She raised her arm in an invitation for him to join her. He chuckled and joined her, grabbing the fuzzy blanket on the bed as he made his way to Elide. He wrapped the blanket around him and Elide and passed the warm mug of hot chocolate to her.

Elide’s eyes lit up as the smell of hot chocolate made its way to her nose. She smiled at her mate and leaned into him.

 They spent the entire night reading and writing Lorcan’s sentences while drinking hot chocolate and eating cookies. 


 Lorcan set up the hot chocolate and cookies in front of the fireplace, as that was where they usually read. Elide had been learning how to for a few weeks now. 

On the fifth week, Lorcan handed Elide a piece of paper. Elide frowned. 

 “Lorcan, thank you for teaching me how to read. Truly. I don’t need to be reminded about how perf-” 

“Just read it please, Elide.” Lorcan interrupted. 

Elide cocked an eyebrow as there was a hint of nervousness in his voice. Although it was well masked, she noticed everything. Elide unfolded the piece of paper. She could feel Lorcan’s eyes on her. 

 Elide read the sentence and dropped the piece of paper as tears started falling down her face. She covered her mouth as she saw that Lorcan was kneeling on the ground, holding an open ring box. 

 “Will you, Elide?” Lorcan asked. “Will you marry me?” 

 “Yes,” Elide replied a little breathlessly. “Yes of course, Lorcan.” Lorcan slid the ring onto Elide’s slender finger and kissed her. 

And there the two were, as happy as can be.

Someone just HAS to make this happen!

Okay so everyone has seen these B-E-A-U-TIFUL (<- yes, reference from Bruce almighty haha!) pictures of Jerome and his circus and I have just had a lovely idea for a smut fiction in mind >:)

Imagine a smut between Jerome x reader at Jerome’s circus and with him as ring leader. I bet that would be very kinky especially with a ring leader whip <3

I hope I’m not the only one who digs this idea? Haha!

anonymous asked:

//sprints in and squeezie hugs mun// I just wanted to say your blog is B E A U TIFUL!!! How would the 2p's (your choice) react to their S/o trying to hide injuries from a fight they got into?

Awwwwww thank you! I can do them all, no big deal! :3 This is when they discover the wounds

2p America: What? Doll, you could have told me you were gonna fight! I would have let you borrow my bat!

2p England: Oh my goodness! Poppet, you are hurt! Ohhhhhhh let me take care of it all! quickly works on taking care of s/o’s wounds

2p France: Did you win?

2p Russia: I am not surprised you hid your wounds from me, as you know I am against fighting. However, I hate to see you hurt more. Please, let me take care of you.

2p China: Whatttt! A fight! What? Kitten, I could have helped!

2p Canada: Here, let me. patches s/o up

2p Italy: Bella/o, why did you fight. I would have sent my men after anyone who annoys you. Now, tell me who hurt you so I can give them,…a little gift in return.

2p Germany: Ohhhh, ouch, those look painful babe. Here, no need to hide this stuff from me, I know you are tough and can take care of yourself.

2p Japan: You are hurt…Who do I need to kill?

2p Romano: AHHHHHH BELLA/O! YOU ARE HURT! Oh my love, here here here, let me take care of you. I’ll call Lucilu to go hurt whoever did this to you!

2p Prussia: Oh! Oh dear! Are you ok? Please don’t feel the need to hide stuff from me, you know I love you no matter what.

2p Austria: My queen has been injured. How unfortunate for those who did that to them. Hehehehe