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Can you do headcanons for omegas who are afraid of alphas and always spend time with other omegas (especially during heats)

This is such a cute concept, I love omegas >.<

  • It’s not uncommon for omegas to stick together during heats, especially when they first start going through heats, or when they aren’t bonded/don’t have a mate
  • Small clusters of omegas will usually be made up of the more protective omegas who maybe aren’t as scared of alphas, and the ones who actually fear them. This is so the panicked pheromones don’t trigger the alphas into coming over to see what’s wrong
  • Omega clusters actually work very well, because a group of omegas is actually quite intimidating for an alpha to try and approach
  • At school, the omegas who are scared of alphas can quickly be whisked away by their omega friends
  • If an omega chooses to spend their heat with another omega, the omega in heat won’t be allowed to do ANYTHING. The other omega will do everything for them short of building their nest and carrying them around
  • Omegas find other omegas very calming, so having a big group of them all together, being calm and content, is a cure for almost anything
  • Nothing sexual goes on between two omegas who spend their heat together (unless they’re mates/they want something sexual to happen). It’s mainly just cuddling, scenting, crooning, watching trashy TV, and eating snacks
  • People often question omegas who prefer the company of omegas rather than alphas, especially during their heats, because “an alpha could satisfy you so much better than any omega”
  • It’s recommended that omegas spend their first few heats with someone, just until they get used to them, and spending heats with other omegas who have already experienced heats and know what to do is perfect
  • There are some omegas whose heat cycles have all synched up, so whenever they go into heat, they’ll all go to one of their houses with blankets, food, pillows and painkillers and build a massive nest to sleep and cuddle in for the duration of their heat

consider: blue, gansey and henry camping together. road trips. all the windows open and driving over the speed limit. cooking over an open fire. facetiming ronan and adam in the middle of the night. sharing ghost stories and thinking of someone they used to know. starlit hikes. kissing in tents. sharing sleeping bags. SARCHENGSEY CAMPING TOGETHER!!!!

Lmao so I was rereading some SiH again and I know this is gonna sound ridiculous but-

Act 10 was the first time Ritsu attempted to confess, but his voice got drowned out by the rain.

Act 17 was the second time, but then he got interrupted by Takano.

With Act 24 coming in less than a month now, I have to wonder if something along these lines is gonna happen again, because:

a. We haven’t seen Haitani outside of flashbacks or short mentions since Act 20. (The last time we actually got the normal countdown- which was only 75 days back then! We’re under two months in the countdown by this point considering how their cycles work!)

b. Haitani was shown to be in contact with Ritsu by email in the most recent Act, 23

c. With the introduction of Nao in Act 23, someone who is definitely coming back later, I would say the Haitani arc will be closing within the next few chapters so we’ll get to focus more on Nao. (Or maybe Nao will even step in, considering how protective he was of Ritsu in Act 23. I would say he’d want to talk to Ritsu about the current situation because he knew just how much Ritsu was hurt by the breakup ten years prior.)

d. The last time Haitani was around, Ritsu had planned on rejecting him on the spot before Takano showed up. He was ready to tell him that he was in love with someone, which would’ve most likely turned into Haitani asking if it were Takano considering what he had observed of their interactions thus far.

e. Whenever Haitani shows up, something ends up happening once they get away from him. Be it finding out more about just what went down at Shuudansha Earth, having conversations of just what a relationship between Takano and Ritsu would be like, or scenes like in Act 20 where Ritsu finds ways to say he doesn’t want to give up on getting back together with time. (Though most scenes like that are in reaction to Takano baiting for them, consciously or not, but that’s a topic for a different day.)

f. Additionally, I would say that with how things have been lately, things are progressing more than normal? The act leading up to and including the onsen trip had plenty of little things; things like the conversation on the train in Act 21, the conversation in the car in Act 22, and the lack of (direct) “just admit you’re in love with me already”s from 22 and 23. I don’t want to be too hopeful knowing how Takano is with his physical advances, but just maybe their moving towards better things???

tldr: I think that things are pointing towards Ritsu having another attempt at confessing to Takano pretty soon with the appearance of Nao and the probable return of Haitani being soon.

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“Aglionby Academy was the number one reason Blue had developed her two rules: One, stay away from boys because they were trouble. And two, stay away from Aglionby boys, because they were bastards”

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