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Kuroko no Basuke S2 Vol.6 Drama CD

Momoi, Aomine and Kise go shopping for Momoi's future 'date' with Kuroko. Hilarity, drama and cheese ensue.

FULL translation under ‘read more’. A big thanks to gintocki (translator) for letting this happen. ♥

Please notify me if you plan to share the translation outside of Tumblr!

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  • <p> <b>Rangiku:</b> Hey look captain! You seem to have a lot fans! Oh and there seems to be war on whether you like Momo or that human girl.<p/><b>Toshiro:</b> Stop scrolling through the internet and get back to work Matsumoto!<p/><b>Kyouraku:</b> *sees posts on him and Nanao* Say Nanao-chan, should we give the crowd what they want?<p/><b>Nanao:</b> Do you mean the ones about you and Captain Ukitake?<p/><b>Grimmjow:</b> Guess who's considered the sexiest espada?<p/><b>Bazz B:</b> And the sexiest Quincy?<p/><b>Byakuya:</b> Y'all are still peasants compared to my popularity.<p/><b>Orihime:</b> *blushes at the fan art of ichihime* wait a minute, is that a picture of me and Ulqiorra-san?<p/><b>Ichigo:</b> *looks at all the ichiruki fanart and posts* What the hell? I did NOT do perverted things when Rukia lived in my cupboard!<p/><b>Byakuya:</b> Keep your filthy hands off my sister Kurosaki.<p/><b>Yoruichi:</b> Damn Ichigo, I thought you were asexual but it seems like the crowd thinks you have chemistry with every other character.<p/><b>Ichigo:</b> GAH!<p/><b>Rukia:</b> *grinning at all the rukia appreciation posts* I'm a QUEEN!<p/></p>