b binaohan

trans women can’t pass for women. we ARE women.And not even women with a different kind of history. Women aren’t a monolith, there is no shared, universal experience of womanhood. You cannot pass as something you, in fact, actually are.
—  b. binaohan, decolonizing trans/gender 101

anonymous asked:

Biyuti recently made this post on their tumblr blog: /post/75280591590. Ignoring the fact the OP of that post has Chinese-American clearly marked on their sidebar, showing they are NOT Japanese.... Isn't Biyuti Filipino-Canadian? A settler living on settled land? How is she any more suited to comment on NDN issues or call out settlers? I'm Navajo and I'd like to call her on it but I know what happens to native women who try to call out that crowd...

I’m not even sure what their comment had to do with the original post.