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Prompt Ideas
  • Person A is sick but is too stubborn to get in bed and rest because ‘they have work,’ so Person B spikes Person A’s coffee/preferred drink with Nyquil, or another sleeping medicine. Person A almost/does fall asleep in the shower or bathtub, and Person B has to carry them to bed.
  • Person A stays too late at work, and is exhausting themselves. A worried Person B comes to their work to check on them, only to find them asleep at their desk. They either wake a sleepy Person A and take them home, or carry them if it’s not too far. 
  • Person A has terrible nightmares of abuse/trauma that happened to them when they were younger. Person B always wakes Person A up, but finally, one night, Person A decides to tell Person B what happens to get it off their chest. Person B is devastated but….( reaction up to you! )
  • Person A comes home sweaty and dirty/bloody, looking exhausted and depressed. They are shocked when Person B is there, waiting for them and extremely worried. Person A usually pretends to be happy for Person B, but  can’t put up a front today, and collapses in the living room. Person B helps them take care of their wounds, and they either fall asleep together or work through what happened. 
  • Person A is an important figure in society (be it a leader, artist, etc. ). They are standing on their balcony, and someone attempts to kill them. Person B is just coming home as Person A is bleeding out. They can either save them, or not, depending on your preference.
  • Person A goes through an unexpected accident and ends up blind. Their friend, Person B, is the one who will live with them to help them grow accustomed to how they will live from now on. Slowly, the two begin to fall in love. ( Also will work with deafness/muteness)
  • Person A comes home to Person B cooking them a nice meal, with the house clean and smelling nice. After a long, tiring day of work/school, this is exactly what the doctor ordered, The two enjoy a relaxing night, and Person B is delighted that Person A seems to relax. 
Somos defectuosos, imperfectos y, aún así, orgullosos. Pensamos que las cosas van a ser para siempre. Que somos invencibles y que, por ello, lo que nos rodea también lo es. Y sin embargo, un buen día nos despertamos y descubrimos nuestro engaño, que el ayer duele y que el mañana ya no existe.
—  Revelación -  Anissa B. Damon