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musical ratings based on if children swear
  • falsettos: great at first, but slows down a lot. 7/10
  • annie: terrible. so many children, so few swears. 0/10
  • into the woods: none, but if it was made now im certain little red would drop an f-bomb. 1/10
  • music man: not even trying. 0/10
  • fun home: idt there are any? 0/10
  • billy elliot: incredible. set the standard. if u like children swearing this is the show for u. 11/10
  • spring awakening: theyre not child actors, but gosh do they swear a lot. 2/10
  • matilda: they say hell a couple times. 5/10
  • spelling bee: again, not child actors. if "erection" is a swear, 3/10, if not, 0/10
  • a christmas story: no full on swears, but quite a few near swears, so its alright. 2/10
  • school of rock: very good. bonus for talking abt hating the man, minus for being a not great show. 8/10
  • sound of music: can u imagine if one of those kids started swearing thatd be hilarious. 0/10

You know what guys? I’m gonna say it. Fuck klance. Fuck Shaladin. Fuck shatt. Fuck shallura. Fuck every god damn ship in his fandom. BEITH is the new thing 💯💯

This right here is the real god damn shit!! Looking at them, so in love. I’m so shook over this honestly. Unfollow me 🚫 if you don’t ship BEITH.

Stay tuned for some AMAZING beith posts

This ship will be the death of me 😩🐝💦