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In a Poly!Dmmd situation where the boyfriends notice that Mink flushes whenever he makes a small mistake, like when he accidentally calls Ren by someone’s else name or when he gets simple math wrong during a game of monopoly. 

Then, the rest of the boyfriends try to get Mink to be flustered as often as they can. They want to see as Mink’s cheeks turn a dark red and hear as he slightly stammers the correct response. Clear wins when he proceeds to lift up Mink, who was currently not joining the cuddlefest but instead reading on the couch, and carry him bridal style. Mink has not been carried since he was a young child and that completely catches him off guard, with his face and ears blushing furiously and simply, for once, not knowing what to do. 

Mink, is then, surrounded by kisses and groping hands, causing him to become even more flushed as he is lavished and loved by all the boyfriends. They called that a mission success.

orocana-joka and I were talking about nervous/flustered/blushed Mink and one thing lead to another~!

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Tags: Prank war, getting together, enemies to lovers

Stiles angles the can just right and presses the trigger, shooting a glorious stream of white fluff into an arc across the locker he knows belongs to that asshole, Hale. He steps back to examine his handiwork, and grins. It looks exactly like cum shooting out of the huge dick he’d drawn across Boyd and Lahey’s lockers with shaving cream.

At the other end of the locker room, Jackson and Danny are using their own cans to draw an unflattering stick figure holding a basketball and drooling. There are about eight empties littered on the floor, their contents disgorged onto the mirrors, lockers, showers and floor. It’s amazing.

The only part of the room that’s untouched is the wall of lockers belonging to the lacrosse team, which is probably stupidly incriminating. But to be fair, it’s not as if Coach won’t figure out exactly who’s behind the prank regardless. The lacrosse-basketball prank war is legendary, at this point.

What else could he expect, though? The rival teams have to share the locker room from February, when lacrosse training starts, until mid March, when the basketball team has championships. And they always go to championships. Last year the fuckers had celebrated their victory by putting kids’ cereal in all of the locker room sinks and urinals on the last day of their season, so the lacrosse team had to clean it all up before practice the next morning.

Well, not this time. Cleaning the locker room is officially the Basketball team’s responsibility until March, and they’re going to regret ever starting this stupid prank war. To be completely accurate, Stiles doesn’t remember precisely how it started some three years ago, but he’s almost positive it was the basketball guys who fired the first shot.

“You think this is really a good idea?” Scott asks, half-heartedly drawing a frowny face on an empty locker.

Stiles snickers. “Oh, yeah. We’re getting them good this time. Can you imagine the look on Hale’s face when he sees all this?” Stiles can. He’s going to look completely constipated and it’s going to be great. Stiles wishes he could be there to see it.

“You sure talk about him a lot,” says Scott, making a face.

“Ppft, I do not,” Stiles retorts, because he absolutely doesn’t. He hardly gives a second thought to the guy, except to notice that he’s snooty and kind of a teacher’s pet, and way too aware of how fucking good-looking he is. It’s annoying, everyone on the lacrosse team thinks so.

“Right,” Scott says, rolling his eyes. “Should we even be making this much of a mess, though? It’s kind of….”

“Kind of perfect. Stop worrying, Scott, the b-ballers are the ones on the hook for cleaning up. What could possibly go wrong?”

Quite a bit, as it turns out.


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You all know how Hiei and Kurama are names of mountains in Japan, right. Togashi has said they didn’t have special meaning, he just picked names at random, although he gave them different characters.

So Mt. Hiei is actually pretty famous in Japan for the 1571 Siege of Mt. Hiei (except it was really more “Oda Nobunaga slaughters a bunch of warrior monks he hates and then destroys their shrines and temples” BUT ANYWAYS), and Hiei was also the name of a famous WWII battleship! Normally it’s written 比叡 which is: 比 is “compare”; 叡 is “imperial”. I have no idea if this is supposed to be “comparable to the Emperor” or if they just put characters together to fit the already existing name or what. I’M SURE SOMEONE KNOWS.

Anyways, the name of the YYH character is 飛影, which can translate to “flying shadow” and is a) BALLER and b) pretty accurate given Hiei’s clothing choices and speed.

Now, Mt. Kurama is not as special a mountain as Mt. Hiei - and is not actually associated with foxes or anything, but with TENGU (although since YYH, you’ll notice a fair amount of fox/fox-related characters are now named Kurama - but previous to YYH was Urusei Yatsura, and that had a tengu princess character named Kurama). Anyways, the name for the mountain is 鞍馬, or “saddle horse”.

The name for the character is 蔵馬, which keeps the horse part, but changes the first character to mean “warehouse, cellar, treasury” or “possession”. That’s pretty fitting for a legendary bandit! Not so much the horse, though.

The thing is, “ma” can be written with a lot of characters. Demon (魔). Punch (摩). Truth (真). Hemp (麻).

What I’m getting at here is that Togashi could have named Kurama to mean “possesses marijuana” and I am so upset all the time that he didn’t.

so my friend recently came back from china. she knows i like yifan and kpop in general, so she got me a whole load of shit (i have 24 posters, and that’s just exo). she also got me a deck of cards

this picture’s taken after i got home, but i opened it when i was at her house. so this is the back of the card. yifan lookin mighty great from that nature republic photoshoot

if you flip it over, it’s got a bunch of pictures of yifan

we’ve got a lot of pictures here. there’s ivy club model yifan…

there’s sappy miracles in december yifan…

there’s calendar shoot fencer yifan…

there’s even a couple of airport photo yifan

and my favorite card of all, grumpy b-baller yifan


ENGAGED! Teyana Taylor Enjoys Royal Themed Baby Shower Highlighted By Iman Shumpert POPPING The Question!

Teyana Taylor and Iman Shumpert celebrated the coming of their daughter yesterday in Ohio. The party got turned up a notch when Iman decided to pop the question to ask Teyana for her hand in marriage. Yes, they’re engaged! Deets and pics…

Double congrats are in order for Teyana Taylor and Iman Shumpert. The R&B songstress and NBA baller are not only expecting their first child together, they’re also getting married!

Yesterday, Teyana and Iman celebrated the coming of their new bundle of joy, a daughter they’ve already named Iman Tayla Shumpert Jr. Yes it’s a girl, but they have chosen to add “Jr.” at the end of her name. She’s expected to make her grand entrance in January 2016. They entertained family and friends at a Royal themed baby shower held in Cleveland, Ohio.

During the festivities, Iman pulled out a huge engagment ring and asked the “Maybe” songstress to marry him after dating for over a year. Of course, she said YES!

We see it’s not your typical engagement diamond ring, but it is beautiful nonetheless.

We’re sure she was putting on for this picture above alongside her make-up artist Donovan. She looks mad in the shot above, but chick was mad happy after copping her ring:



Lil Wayne’s son’s mother Sarah Vivan was there to celebrate. She caught a clip of Tey and Iman opening “Lil Junie’s” gifts and shared:


Iggy Azalea Shares a Sneak Peek at Her Wedding Gown

Iggy Azalea is putting the final touches on her wedding plans as work on her gown is underway. (Photo: Getty Images)

It should come as no surprise that Iggy Azalea is going “Fancy” for her upcoming wedding.

The Australian rapper, who’s engaged to Los Angeles Lakers star Nick Young, gave her fans a peek at her wedding day look. On Wednesday, the 25-year-old songstress posted a carefully angled photo of a sketch — she didn’t want to give too much away! — which was created by the label Giorgio Armani Privé. There was also a fabric swatch.

The sketch. (Photo: Instagram)

Azalea didn’t caption the photo but none was necessary. After all, the same day, quotes Young gave about their wedding planning were making the rounds. 

“Whew, a nightmare in its own,” the b-baller, who proposed in June at his 30th birthday with a gigantic engagement ring that is worth a reported $500,000, joked to Billboard magazine. “I think we should go to the courthouse.”

But seriously though, “It’s tough,” Young continued, “it takes a lot of time and compromising and arguing but eventually the women always win. I think [wedding days] should just be women’s day.”

In August, Azalea talked a little about wedding planning herself during an interview with Australia’s Today show.

“I haven’t done the dress yet,” she said. “I’ve done the photographer, the date, and the place (L.A.).”

Preparations for the missing piece are now underway. Bring on the nuptials!

Watch Azalea talk about her dream wedding dress — yes to “glamorous and big,” no to “sexy silhouette” — here:

D: So Dad, what do you think of him? Isn’t he great?!

J: Aubrey, what did I tell you about dating these b-ballers? You’ll be whipping your tears with those front-row tickets after you catch him getting prolapsed by his teammates.

CP3: Um, Mr. Carter. I’m can hear you. I’m standing right here.