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“I’m going to order 36 more episodes of the show: two years of 18 episodes.”
- Jennifer Salke (President of NBC Entertainment) (x)

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I'm still confused by why they didn't make a Shang Chi show. Isn't he more popular than Danny anyway? Danny's been little more than his joke hanger-on for years

There is literally NOTHING about this thing’s existence that makes sense at this point. They didn’t even bother making sure the FIGHT SCENES were good. For a show about a MARTIAL ARTS HERO. Nor did they cast a MARTIAL ARTIST TO PLAY SAID MARTIAL ARTS HERO.

And it’s not like this is an enterprise known for a) bad casting, b) low quality, or c) BAD FIGHT SCENES.

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SO HOW THE HELL DID THIS EVEN HAPPEN? You’d think that, given the controversy, they’d do everything possible to try and combat the naysaying by making sure everything, at least on a superficial level, was perfect. But nooooope. They screwed up the most obvious shit possible. I’m just like…

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The only thing I can actually think of is that no one actually wanted to make this show at all, but there was some kind of weird contractual obligation to bring this specific character to the screen. 

Watch Ali's husband be the Big Bad and somehow connected to Shower Harvey and is the one who killed Mrs D and Charlotte and got married to Ali to abuse her and take revenge and the reason is he's probably her brother and was abandoned by the DiLaurentis family and shower Harvey is in fact also an abandoned child of the DiLaurentis and so is Bethany and they're twins and yeah.

Oh Marlene. What have you doneeeeee? What have you dooooonnnnneeeeeee?????