b and c with bare feet

Kamarx/Corriander Support Conversation Fluff

After the inevitable takeover of the supports between Kamui and Marx/Corrin and Xander, I felt the need to write about the complexities of their relationship because I am in shipping hell. This fluff is based upon the their first, or C, support conversation in Fire Emblem Fates: Revelations. For those of you in the same boat, please enjoy! 

Part One (C Support): You are here

Part Two (B Support)

Part Three (A Support)

Part Four (S Support)

Her bare feet descended the steps of the treehouse with muted thuds, lowering herself gradually to avoid Jakob’s wrath. The Gods knew that if he found her out of bed she would be given a cup of her favorite tea for the hundredth time and tucked forcibly back into bed to rest. And she knew she needed proper rest to remain alert on the battlefield too, but on this night sleep would not come. No number of warm drinks or willing her eyes closed was working, so she decided to train: both to utilize her time wisely in preparation for the next battle and perhaps induce some degree of drowsiness with fatigue. Most of the army had already gone to bed, with the exception of the frequent night owls such as Saizo and Azama, to whom she waved as she passed on the way. Saizo grunted his acknowledgement and Azama simply smiled his cryptic smile and nodded.

Deciding swordplay to be the focal point of tonight’s training session, she made a beeline for the area designated to the veritable art that was its mastery. Memories of watching her big brother swing a wooden blade skillfully, poised and powerful, imbued the sudden curve of her lips with nostalgia. His strength, the imperturbable foundation of their little family, had filled her with a sense of security previously unknown in her first years at the fortress. Perhaps she had been isolated, but something about his inspiring dedication made her feel an unspoken camaraderie as she began to swing the little wand in her room in time with his sword. That maybe by doing so a single ounce of his formidable vigor could become hers, her feeble form one day as capable as his. At the time, she only knew him as the Crown Prince of Nohr who smiled amiably at her once when they were first introduced, as she remained prohibited from interacting with the royal siblings until she earned the privilege. That is, until King Garon was certain her loyalties were firmly tied to Nohr. It had never been news that she was not related to the rest of the family by blood, both due to Garon’s evident ostracization and the differences in her appearance. But like all young children, she yearned for company, no matter how distant their ties.

So one night, as she mimicked Xander’s practiced movements in the moonlight, she felt the fiercest desire to meet him. To learn why he swung his sword until he was ready to collapse in the dark of midnight. Or why his mouth was a thin line, his forehead creased with worry, and his umber eyes a reflection of her own when she looked in the mirror: lonely. Why with each passing year his youth seemed to vanish at an unprecedented rate. Until he was nothing at all like the quiet boy who greeted his guests with polite tranquility and an aura of mild decorum, shy and sweet.

And then she remembered when she was able to play with all of her siblings for the very first time on her tenth birthday. She had been so excited to meet them all, to have their voices and laughter break the gloomy silence. When she asked who would attend and Gunter told her that the Crown Prince would be present, she had danced about the room, startling the poor attendant. She remembered planning to give Xander the tightest hug she could manage, to show him she understood despite her lack of words to verbalize the feeling. She didn’t want him to feel alone anymore, not after so many years of keeping her company. But she was also nervous, worried that he would think her strange for wanting to hug him when he probably didn’t remember her. She had been biting her lip in anticipation at the center of the playroom when little Elise toddled inside with a gap-toothed smile, tackling her immediately as she was led by an indulgent Camilla, who followed suit with a gentle embrace. She grinned and returned their eager hugs, words of affectionate welcome spewing from their lips as she was rendered mute by the disappearance of some of the butterflies in her stomach. She could quickly distinguish between Elise’s reverent adoration as she babbled and reached for attention and Camilla’s doting, stroking her hair as she murmured unconditional words of devotion. Leo had remained stymied in the doorway, young and bashful, staring at the floor and twisting his foot into the carpet with a scowl. Sensing his silent anxiety, Corrin thanked her sisters before disentangling herself and pulling him into a spontaneous hug, telling him how delighted she was to meet her little brother. He had squirmed, muttering something about the absurdity of physical manifestations of sentiment before he returned the gesture with a covert smile. Distracted as she was, she didn’t notice Xander approaching behind him in the hall until she lifted her gaze from Leo’s shoulder to see the tender smile that curved his lips, as if already sensing the cheer that filled the once bland stone walls.

Leo, presumably having had his fill of physical contact for one day, though more likely to have wanted to give his older brother a moment with her as well, let her go and went to join his sisters playing bemusedly with the toys near the far wall as she stared at him in wonder. She hadn’t seen him for about half a year, as he was always on outings and so busy with his princely tasks as heir. He frequently traveled between the castle and the fortress depending on where it was in the nation his presence was required the most. At least, that’s how a surprised Gunter had explained it to her when she asked about his frequent disappearances. In those days his expression was not yet leaden with desolation and reticence; kindness and warmth softened his features near his family. It made him seem much less scary than she thought he would look in the muted glow of the surrounding candlelight. Noticing her hesitation he opened his mouth to speak, perhaps to reassure her, until she suddenly launched herself at him. She threw her arms around his waist, squeezing him as tightly as her little arms could manage. Shock made him stumble for a moment, rocking backwards on his heels before he righted himself. The others looked on curiously as she buried her face in his midsection and his customarily stiff posture eased, touched by the gesture. He crouched down and hugged her back just as tightly, earning a squeak and a tinkling giggle before he relieved the pressure. He assumed she was just seeking a presence to alleviate the sense of isolation, and as the final sibling to enter the room the relief had been most potent in her reaction to his entrance. So he leaned close to whisper in her ear, erasing any doubts about her status.

“Welcome to the family, little princess.”

Then he hoisted her up and onto his shoulders with a grin his siblings hadn’t seen in a decade. Her hands tangled in the unruly, flaxen curls that flowed like spiralling waterfalls behind his crown, the only object able to maintain some level of order on his head.

“We can’t have the birthday princess without her prince.” He said, glancing behind with a wink. His reward was a brilliant, toothy smile as she directed him onwards towards the rest of their siblings with endearing eagerness.

That entire day she refused to let go of his hand. She remembered being fascinated by the roughness of his palms, calloused by years of handling weapons and training without pause. Or how his hand completely enveloped hers, expansive and warm as if he were her very own hearth. Or the way he humored her, visibly delighted and amused by her adamance to keep him involved as she tugged him along. It was among her favorite memories of a time long past, largely because from that day forward, regardless of his considerable shortage of time, he would always come to her room after Gunter had seen to her bedtime to tell her stories until she pretended to fall asleep. Then when he would rise to leave, he would squeeze her hand and make his way to the training grounds. Biding her time to avoid being caught, she would tiptoe out of bed minutes later to press her face against the window and continue her ritual, watching him transform in a matter of minutes from the man he wanted to be to the man he had to be: the protector of his nation. Despite her powerlessness in the decade to come, she promised herself in those moments a single thing: if she ever did win the freedom to do as she pleased, she would do everything in her power to help relieve the burden he was forced to carry.

The sound of wood connecting with clothed sand shook Corrin out of her reminiscing, prompting a raised brow in the direction of the grounds. Who would be training this late at night? She was only present because of her inability to sleep. She paused, listening to the timing, the impact, and the grunts that accompanied each strike before her eyes widened in immediate recognition. Xander?

She crossed the hallway hesitantly before her suspicions were confirmed, a tall figure in his customary armor striking a dummy in the middle of the room. He was so absorbed in his task that she was unwilling to disturb him, and contented herself with watching from afar. It wasn’t long before his powerful swings and rhythmic thuds lulled her to sleep like they did when she was young, a veritable lullaby. Her eyelids drooped as the intoxicating feeling of security infused her limbs for the first time in a solid year since she fled the battlefield shared by Nohr and Hoshido on that fateful day. The day his expression had crumpled at her refusal before it hardened with undelayed acceptance at her treachery, recategorizing her as the enemy as he lanced her with a belligerent glare. Duty superceded all emotion. If he was obligated to strike her down for the good of his nation, he would not hesitate. Even if it felt as though he were tearing his own heart out.

A yawn surfaced and took over before she could stifle it, echoing in the sudden silence and making him freeze. He turned, his features pinched and stoic before they eased into an indulgent smile at the sight of her leaning against the wall, drowsy and rubbing at her eyes absently. Fond memories surfaced at the sight, his voice easing to a low, placid murmur.

“Well good evening to you too, little princess.”

She blinked at the sound of his voice, dropping her hands and staring wide-eyed at his calm countenance. “Good evening. Sorry for interrupting you, I just didn’t think you would be up so late. You should get some rest, it’s been a long day.”

“I appreciate your concern Corrin, but I must continue to improve if I am to protect our nation well. You stated that this invisible enemy is inconceivable in its strength and abilities of manipulation. I must prepare accordingly.” Fierce determination hardened his chestnut eyes, his mouth a stern line as he began to strike the dummy again.

She laughed, struck by the fact that his expression mirrored the one he wore as a young man, the same face that promised to protect them all until his dying breath. “Even after all these years, you’re still the same Xander.” She hummed.

He paused mid-swing, turning around to gaze at her carefully. For once his brows were furrowed with confusion instead of intense focus or worry. “Oh? How so?”

She grinned, retrieving the memories with ease. “Remember when I was little, and I’d get so lonely in the Northern Fortress? You’d always come stay with me until I got sleepy and then go train late into the night.”

His eyes widened as he looked at her in bewilderment. “You knew about that? But how?”

Corrin’s expression turned sheepish, and she rubbed her forearm absently as she explained, “I could see you from my window. After you left, I always watched you train for a bit. It’s a little embarrassing, but I’d even try to imitate how you swung your sword. I thought if I matched your movements, maybe one day I could be as strong as you.”

It was his turn to laugh, a disbelieving chuckle escaping his lips as he imagined her tiny form mimicking his. An unexpected warmth blossomed in his chest at the notion, touched by how easily she placed her faith in him. How, despite his wide array of flaws, she still admired him.

“I had no idea.” He admitted, a smile wider than any that had graced his lips in the time she was gone surfacing.

But as she remembered her time there, melancholy quickly infected her tone, her crimson eyes forlorn as she stared at the ground and bit her lip, “I was always afraid that if I told you about it, you might train elsewhere.” He was about to protest until she shook her head as if to disperse the sudden negative aspect of her memories, settling for hopeful instead. “You know…what with recent events, we haven’t had a chance to train together in a while. Um, if you’re not too busy, maybe we could practice sword swinging like old times…”

“That’s the best idea I’ve heard all day.” He answered fondly, thrilled that she still wanted to learn from him and spend time with him. The way her eyes shone like rubies and her face lit up made him relieved beyond words to have her by his side again, no longer divided as opponents. He doubted he ever felt more welcome in another’s presence.

Yet her earlier expression made him want to make a single thing explicitly clear. He walked over to where she stood and placed a hand under her chin, coaxing it up so that she could see the honesty and seriousness in his gaze. “But it can’t be like old times. This time, you and I shall train side by side. No more lonely Northern Fortress for you.” The words were a promise as he finished by lightly tapping the tip of her nose, and judging by her wonderstruck elation she was fully aware of that fact. If he could have anything in this twisted world of theirs, it would be that she never felt so alone ever again.

“Ha ha, great! I’ll grab my blade!” She said, her pale cheeks dusted by a light flush as she disappeared down the hall.

He shook his head as he watched her dash off before he could get in another word, amazed by her near infinite energy. But then, she was such a social creature it was unsurprising to see her so upbeat and radiant after starting her own army. She had finally been able to grow, make friends, and see the world on her own as she had always longed to. She was no longer the sheltered young woman she was forced to become. Now she stood taller, amiability and confidence radiating from every pore as she chatted with everyone and contributed to every facet of the war effort. Seeing her this way earlier had made the cold, dreadful fingers of fear seize his heart at the thought of her no longer needing or wanting the proximity of her Nohrian siblings, that she would prefer to foster her newly established, voluntary relationships instead. It was a large part of the reason he had gone to the tent to train, trying to clear his tumultuous thoughts regarding all he had seen that afternoon. The way Corrin had pulled Sakura into an eager hug and laughed merrily at her subsequent adorable squeak, her respectful salutes to Saizo and Kaze as they weaved in and out of the fort in obscurity, her careful consideration of Takumi’s feelings and her heartfelt assurances that she would never leave them again, her long and meaningful conversations about how the army should proceed with Scarlet and Ryoma, to her fawning over Subaki and Hana for acting like the endearing old married couple they had always been. She knew them. She loved them. So he had spent the entire night trying to erase the image of a Corrin no longer comfortable to be in his company after all he had done and said, judging by how she had avoided his efforts to speak with her all day. It was clear now that he was foolish to believe so. Her amiability and penchant for humanity knew no bounds, exhibiting endless empathy and unconditional positive regard was in her nature.

When she reemerged, insatiable in her excitement to begin, he could only hope that she would continue to believe in him. Just as he would start believing in her.

she tears through fences with
bare teeth, steel bleeding into
her mouth until her smile &
its reflection could blind anyone.
her wanting burns a hole in her
chest, the ragged edges of her
soul fluttering in the wind.
running feet get used to a
lack of permanence, and she
cannot seem to stop.
(there is a memory of flight,
the sky brushing the top of
her head, the air so thin it
steals her breath with cold
every forest has eyes. every
road bruises soles & leads
to nowhere. she runs, heart
curled like claws into an
impenetrable thing.
(if she could fly again—)
—  wanting || a.s.w.
The Ones

She is the one who is sunlight bright
Sparkling eyes as blue as the sky
Patient through the night for her turn to shine
Warming my bones with a single smile

He is the one who is sweet and wild
A wolf pup howling with his head held high
Bare feet in the mud, living free in life
A flower for his mama then run one more time

You are the one who is constant, on my side
I’ll never thirst with a stream that never dries
Beautiful and steady, I find comfort in your might
A tight embrace every long, cold night

bigirlgiggles  asked:

any headcanons abt Achilles and Patroclus if you still write for them? (bc im finally reading the song of achilles)

  • achilles is barely even ticklish and patroclus thinks it’s the most unfair bullshit ever
  • b/c pat is the most ticklish person on the planet
  • achilles has ticklish heels (HAHA GET IT) and sort of the rest of his feet/ankles but it’s mostly just light giggles before he turns the tables
  • pat is ticklish just about everywhere, but his ribs, neck, stomach, and feet are all really bad
  • tickle fights happen like twice a day
  • seriously, those two can’t keep their hands off each other
  • that’s all i got rn but yeah i love them hope you liked these

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a: age- 21

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e: easiest person to talk to- my best friend. 

f: favorite song- Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley. 

g: grossest memory- It’s a toss-up between some of the things I ate/drank on a dare when I was like 10 and stepping in cat vomit with bare feet quite recently.

h: hogwarts house- Ravenpuff

i: in love?- Not really at the moment, I’m just confused. 

j: jealous of people- I’m jealous of anyone who gets to travel. 

k: killed someone- Who— who told you? That’s it, I’ve got to go, goodbye everyone. 

l: love at first sight or should I walk by again?- I think that love at first sight is a beautiful idea, but probably not a reality. 

m: middle name- Alicia

n: number of siblings- 2

o: one wish- I mean, money would solve a lot of my problems right now. 

p: person you called last- I think my sister. 

q: question you are always asked- Why? 

r: reason to smile- My youngest sister has the cutest kitten. 

s: song you sang last- No Light, No Light by Florence and the Machine. I did not do it justice, either. 

t: time you woke up- 7:30 am

u: underwear color- Pink

v: vacation destination- Dublin

w: worst habit- I’m a chronic procrastinator. 

x: x-rays- Just on my teeth. 

y: your favorite food- Ice cream!

z: zodiac sign- Scorpio.

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Bruce was already out on patrol, getting a call as he was midway through putting an end to one of Riddlers latest games. “S this really isn’t the best…” He always referred to her as S if he was taking her call while he was on patrol, didn’t want to say her name aloud while working. The moment he heard the tone of her voice though his priorities immediately changed. “What’s wrong? Are you hurt? Has someone hurt you?” His questions were quick and it was clear his concern for her was great,so much so that he hadn’t even noticed how hard his grip around the throat of Riddler had become, knocking the question mark wearing freak out in an instant. “I’m on my way.” He replied before hanging up the call, tying up Riddler and his goons and he was off.

He rushed through the rooftops of Gotham city towards Selina’s apartment, dodging the satellite dishes, clothing lines, ventilation shafts and all the other litter atop the buildings. He moved with focus and purpose, the only thing that mattered was getting to Selina’s place. Soon enough he was there, climbing in through one of her windows, the window that led to her living room area. “Selina? Where are you?” He called out, the slight fear in his voice was evident. He found her in the bedroom and let out a sigh as he didn’t see any wounds, but saw the tears as clear as day. “Hey… What’s wrong?” He asked gently as he moved into the room, removing his mask as he did.  

It wasn’t apart of any P L A N of Selina’s. It would N E V E R even crossed her mind. At least not seriously. Sure, she had fantasized about having that kind of life with Bruce, but they were both so embedded in their lives in Gotham. It wasn’t S A F E to bring up children in that pit of C R I M E. She’d given up major thievery a while back, often staging small, low-scale heists just to get Bruce’s attention, after a fight. But for the most part, Selina stuck to assisting when she could, but ultimately settled on a J O B. She worked at the downtown gallery, curating–one of her D R E A M S

Babies were not a part of any dream that involved living in Gotham.

Selina shot up from her spot and launched herself at him, the sobs returning in greater S T R E N G T H. Wrapping her arms around him, she burrowed her face against his neck (well, what she could–that armor was T O U G H) and wept. “You’re going to H A T E me. I mean, I don’t care–but obviously I do. I mean–it’s my F A U L T. It has to be. I…I…I must’ve forgotten a pill or something or maybe this is just a C R U E L joke but holy shit we have a problem and I don’t know how to make it B E T T E R.” Tears fell freely from her cheeks, and she glanced over at the clock. F U C K. 7:59 quickly ticked to 8:00 and she dropped from her grasp on Bruce. With bare feet slapping the ground of her apartment, she thrust her head into the toilet in her bathroom and spewed chicken noodle soup and ginger-ale, sputtering and coughing the whole time.

Lily Evans Headcanon

We don’t have a canon height for her (and if we actually do then this is an AU) so imagine:

  • Super short Lily Evans.
  • Like 5 feet tall.
  • And let’s say James is around 6 feet.
  • It’s basically the best:
  • James losing Lily in crowds because she’s the height of an average-sized child, and he often has to result in shouting “EVANS” as loud as he can.
  • He usually finds her immediately b/c even though she’s tiny that in no way means that her voice is tiny. And damn, could her responding shout of “POTTER!” wake the the dead (and deafen a small crowd of people).
  • She’s so small, but she has a ferocious temper.
  • She curses like a sailor, and she scolds the boys (mostly Sirius and James) until their ears ring.
  • If you piss her off then you are in for it. B/c she is so scary when she’s angry. She’s smart, and quick, and loud and her red hair looks like fire. Her tongue is so sharp that it would probably be more effective than a knife in a fight (but she can also throw a decent punch (and she has…at James and Sirius…multiple times).
  • She and Sirius fight a lot actually:
  • It’s the playful sort of fighting: sometimes teasingly over James, sometimes b/c Sirius took Lily’s hairbrush or something like that, sometimes because Sirius wasn’t thinking and accidentally did something mean or rude.
  • And they’re both so evenly matched b/c they can curse like they don’t have any other words in their vocabulary, and they can string together sharp, biting remarks at a moment’s notice (though Remus is still better than both of them at the latter).
  •  And in things like snowball or pillow fights they are BRUTAL to each other (”Flower, I am going to crush you.” “You can try, Sirius Black, but magic like that doesn’t even happen for wizards.”)
  • But also: Giant Sirius Black always having Tiny Lily Evan’s back. Him yelling at people for calling her a mudblood and shielding her when creeps walk by. He knows that she’s strong and that she can protect herself, but he knows that some people are just plain mean and nasty, and he would rather be there for her (oh, their friendship, I’m gonna have to do something on that later I think).
  • He’s also the one who either A: parts the crowd so she can walk through/get to the front or B: Carries her on his shoulders
  • (Both tactics are very useful for Quidditch games when she can’t see over people’s heads).
  • James gives her piggyback rides though, and she wraps her arms around his neck, and he just marvels at how light she is.
  • (And then her long hair gets in his face and the novelty wears off, but they’re both laughing so it doesn’t really matter).
  • And James has to lean down to kiss her, and she has to stand on her tiptoes to reach him (sometimes he picks her up instead).
  • James dancing with her: it involves lots of dips and him picking her up and spinning her around while her hair whips everywhere.
  • Him teasingly using her as an armrest.
  • Tiny Lily wearing one of James’ shirts, and it’s basically a dress on her. 
  • Or her wearing one of his sweaters, and the sleeves are waaaay too long for her hands, but she doesn’t mind b/c it’s so big, and comfy, and warm.
  • Lily being the best for cuddling b/c she’s just a little ball of warmth and she fits next to you so perfectly that you don’t even feel cramped (James smiling as she falls asleep with her head on his chest. He runs his fingers through his hair, eyes soft as he listens to her light, bubbling snores)
  • Lily climbing onto the counters when she needs to reach something in the kitchen, and James smirking as he watches her. (Cue Lily shooting a murderous glare in his direction)
  • And her feet barely graze the ground when she’s sitting in chairs, and she can never, ever, reach anything on shelves. (Remus is usually nice enough to help her get things down)
  • Lily looking so innocent and tiny, and then destroying you without a second glance.
  • Lily at her wedding with a cute little tiptoed kiss between her and James, and then him sweeping her+her mass of dress up and pressing his lips to hers. Their slow-dance being adorably awkward b/c of the height difference. (And then Sirius cutting her in and whisking her into something with lots of twirling and jumping)
  • Just Lily being short, and adorable, and badass, yes please
  • Also, Sirius seeing her small, limp body on the floor. The vivid reminder of how young she is and how much she’s lost. Him seeing the woman that he respected and loved torn down into a fragile little girl, dead at the age of 21. And him breaking into tears for a second time because she was so young and pure, and their friend (Peter) tore it all away.

riougenkaku23  asked:

If you don't mind, can you do height differences AUs?

Hello~ Hope you like them! Sorry I don’t have many!

Height Difference AU

  • Person A is really small while Person B is practically a giant so Person B is always carrying Person A on their shoulders
  • Person A is so short compared to Person B that Person A can’t keep up with them. As a result, Person A wears rollar skates and a child leash (said child leash is also tied to Person B’s waist/wrist to pull Person A around) (bonus: Person A wears this shirt when Person B pulls them around)
  • Person A being a very short person on stilts at a circus (or just on stilts in general) and only with the stilts do they reach just barely over Person B’s height
  • Person B carrying a box around constantly only so that Person A can stand on it whenever they want kisses/hugs/etc (bonus: Person C being very confused at why Person B is constantly carrying around a box until they spot Person A and Person B together)
  • Person A is a small fairy/pixie/elf that’s barely four feet tall while Person B is troll who towers over seven feet tall
Taking Time [a Kyle Spencer imagine] [Pt. 2]

Warning: smut suggestion

Request: Part 2 for Taking Time please??? *gets down on knees begging* pleeassee

a/n: i’ll be honest, i had no idea what to do

Part 1

It’s been a few weeks since the ‘incident’, as you’ve been calling it. Kyle and you are slowly growing apart. You barely talked or touched each other any more. This is really upsetting you; you miss your boyfriend.

The other witches decided to go out to find more members for the coven. You stayed back, hoping to talk to Kyle. So, after making a cup of coffee, you sit at the kitchen’s island; waiting. The cup rolls back and forth in your hands, warming them, and you stare out the window. Sun shines on the green grass, making it look neon.

Quiet footsteps echo through the mansion. “Y-Y/N!” Kyle says, startled. “C-can we t-talk?” He asks, wrapping his arms around his bare chest. It’s embarrassing to him; he doesn’t like his new body. He feels like Frankenstein’s monster. There’s new everything; arms, legs, torso, so on. “I-I’m sorry for being d-distant…” He waddles to the seat across from you, sitting and holding himself tighter.

You stare at the brown liquid, sloshing it around. “Just tell me why. Please.” You stagger, forcing your head up. He covers himself with his tanned arms; only wearing a pair of black sweatpants. The blond hair is the picture of bed head, curls sticking up everywhere, and his face is pale except for his tinted pink cheeks.

He sighs, peering down at his lap, then back up at you. You have a light gray tank top on that you usually sleep in and a pair of black shorts; bare Y/S/C feet. “It’s m-me.” He frowns, “M-my body feels…s-so different. I w-wanna have s-sex, Y/N; I-I think I’m ready, b-but…” He lets out a frustrated sigh, “I-It’s not my b-body! I d-don’t even have my own d-dick anymore!” He cries, resting his arms on the table so he can hide his face.

Standing, you shuffle to the other side of the island. Carefully, you press your hands on his shoulders, leaning your head on his. He doesn’t flinch this time. “I know, I know, baby… I’m so sorry. If I could go back and see you before, I’m sure I’d be amazed. I know this isn’t yours and that’s not fair… But I love you; regardless of your body or sex. I just want you.” You mumble into the crook of his neck, trying not to cry.

He twists in his seat, jutting his chin up. “I l-love you too.” He murmurs against your lips, pulling your hips. “M-make love to me, p-please.”


Whenever i see some dumb shit consecutively i’m gonna rant on it. People are in such a haste to compare legendary black artists living and dead to every new young thing who picks up a mic or dances. Exhibit A. The first thing people did when justin bieber debuted was compare him to Michael Jackson, the kid couldnt carry a tune for two feet but they were already putting him on the level with the king of pop.

Exhibit B. Ariana Grande had just released no more than two songs before people started comparing her to Mariah Carey, the girl is barely comprehensible when she sings but yall were ready to give her the queen’s crown after the decades Mariah spent deafening dogs with them high notes.

Exhibit C. Adele, Oh i too love Adele but please stop saying she’s the new Whitney Houston. Please stop. Whitney means so much to the black community, especially the black American community. Yall hardly let African Americans claim any positive contribution to American society but music. Whitney worked too hard and been through too much for us to let a younger star overshadow her legacy like that. I actually see headlines saying ‘ Adele surpasses Whitney houston’ and they make me nauseous. 

90% of high school/adult kennys:

- 7 feet tall

- 17 face piercings

- 35 tattoos, 560 scars

- perfect teeth

- drug dealer

- works at sex shop

- high school dropout

my kenny………:

- barely 5 feet

- fcuking nasty grease hair

- teeth make craigs fcuked up ones look great

- smelly

- nerd

- has the same parka from 4th grade it still fits too b/c that thing was huge when he was a lil nugget

- loser

- probably works at mcdonalds

- lsoer

- fcukin loser but he powers through school with his mcdonalds money and tries not to do drugs to set a good example for his sister


the nemesis

here’s a bff au ficlet b/c it’s national dog day! i’m still on time!

Skye is convinced her true nemesis is Grant’s new puppy. Where does Buddy even get off? Grant is her best friend! And she’s terrible at sharing. obviously a baby!bff flashback.

Skye gets her first nemesis when she’s eight.

She’s just sitting on the tire swing in Grant’s backyard.  Her feet barely hit the dirt,  little toes brushing grass and circling around and around.  She watches Grant pull little wildflowers out of the grass for her.  He’ll run back every once in a while, drop them at her feet with a dopey grin and then run back to find more.

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