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i just wanted 2 say that seeing them perform these songs live really makes u realise how many more lines jin has in this album….like before the camera would only focus on him one maybe two times in the entire performance but this time even in the type of songs which ppl say ‘don’t suit his voice’ like mic drop (which is bullshit but u know) the camera was on him so many times n it honestly makes it wanna cry bc i just love jin sosososo much n i finally get to see him shining on stage like the rest of the members 

You’re telling me in spite of the 173 million black people across the planet we’re going to let this dill pickle with mayonnaise Taylor Swift hold the number one spot on the Billboard Charts? Bitch please.

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한끼줍쇼 (Let’s Eat Dinner Together) Next Week Preview - Seokjin and Jungkook

watch got7 fool us into thinking that this is gonna be a deep and powerful message about their friendship and bond as a group but when they drop the video and the necklaces all connect it turns into a cheesy Power Rangers parody and they’re wearing tacky suits and when they take off their masks they all have their stop stop it era hair