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baconcupcake  asked:

How does reading a word by its shape work? Do you ever get confused by words shaped similarly?

Ok, so the way this was explained to me is that I read English the way japanese people read kanji, where the character stands for an entire concept rather than a series of sounds that make up a word.  Or like reading one of Carrie Fisher’s emoji texts, I guess?

It’s a “This collection of lines has this meaning” thing, rather than a “These shapes mean these sounds which mean this concept thing”  if that makes sense?

I rarely have problems READING things.  Honestly you can sub in words with keysmash nonsense (e.g. spofdghf)  to an astonishing degree before meaning is lost for me, as long as I have a bit of context.  I have no idea how to actually pronounce ‘epistemology’ but I can write about the meaning of what makes knowledge knowledge for ages.

I have more difficulty when it comes to writing things.  I can remember WHICH lines and shapes were in a word, but forget what damn order they went in.  I also had a habit of flipping letters vertically- b/p and d/q for instance.  So when I hand-write, I tend to capitalize them, even in the middle of words.  

E tu mare! Mi affido anche a te - intuisco quel che vuoi dire, Vedo dalla spiaggia l'invito delle tue dita ricurve, E credo che rifiuti di ritrarti prima di avermi toccato, Dobbiamo fare un giro insieme - mi spoglio - svelto, portami lontano dalla vista della terra, Custodiscimi dolcemente, cullami con fluttuante torpore, Spruzzami con spruzzi amorosi, ti posso contraccambiare.

Mare di lembi di terra che si protendono! Mare che respira con ampi, affannati respiri!

Mare salato di vita! Mare di tombe non scavate e sempre pronte! Scultore di ululanti tempeste! Capriccioso e delicato mare!

—  Walt Whitman, Foglie d'erba (via b-a-d–habits)

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I assume the question relates more to people who actually say ‘B R B’ out loud. Reminds me of how Launchpad McQuack habit of saying ’D.W.’ actually takes longer to say than if he’d just say ‘Darkwing’.

But then, Launchpad isn’t calling him DW to save time, he’s doing it to imply friendship and familiarity. When people say BRB and OMG aloud, it’s not to save time but to convey the same message they would with “be right back” or “oh my God” in a lighthearted style.