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Things Literally Nobody Asked For, Part Three

Gen 3, anybody?

Boeing B-17F-75-BO Flying Fortress “Patches” (42-29856) of the 815th BS 483rd BG with engines 3 and 4 feathered abandoned by its crew over Wiener Neustadt, Austria after being hit by flak - 10th May 1944

Hi hi I’m Max and I’ve decided to start taking commissions for the first time bc I need money for grad school!  I’ve tried to list my prices clearly above, but here they are written out just in case:

lineart and painting with simple bg: $60

lineart and flat color: $50

full painting (no lineart): $70

single person lineart: $40

couple lineart: $50

lineart and painting with bg: $65

2 frame gif: $75

b&w bust: $30


The only thing i will NOT draw is nsfw!

please send me a message via IM if you’re interested!!!! 

Special Announcement! Attention All!

*The monitors all turn on* I’d like to take this time to congratulate our remaining members of the game! Welcome to the top 10! So let’s give some applause to those still standing:

“Mage Boulanger from 79-C! Ultimate Baker!”

“Sly from 79-C! Ultimate Assassin!”

“Emi Chouko from 79-C! Ultimate Music Critic!”

“Junpei Yokozawa from 79-C! Ultimate Blogger!”

“Ryokai Araki from 79-B! Ultimate Exorcist!”

“Orochi Kamisaka from 79-A! Ultimate Decipherer!”

“Mahiru Koizumi from 77-B! Ultimate Photographer!”

“Gundam Tanaka from 77-B! Ultimate Breeder!”

“Ethos Oroya from 76-A! Ultimate Destruction!”

“And Kyoji Nakamura from 75-B! Ultimate Geneticist!”

Not long now, everyone….just who’ll win…? It’s almost unbearable.


Four of the new products from CZ-USA:

CZ 75 P-01 Urban Grey, suppressor ready, with Omega Trigger

CZ 75 B Urban Grey, suppressor ready, with Omega Trigger

CZ 75 Tactical Sport Orange in 9mm/40 S&W

CZ Scorpion EVO 3 S1 Carbine

age: 25
zodiac: taurus
height/weight: 5’ 10"/ 156 lbs
gender: male
blood type: O
laterality: left-handed
romantic/sexual orientation: panromantic/pansexual
yaoi type: seme
hobby(ies): acting, story-telling, playing pirate
personality: as well as being the most popular character, he’s very independent and reliable, and he will throw himself in harm’s way for you. though at times, unpredictable, mischievous and rather douchey. he loves improv and really enjoys theater as well, not to mention his rather impressive knack for accents. he uses mostly a british, scottish, or celtic accent, especially when entertaining children or if he’s just happy. in the grand scheme of things, he loves making ppl laugh and is rather hilarious. his weakness (?) is that, if you try to confront him w/ something he knows he’s guilty of, he will admit it, but doesn’t act sensitive about it.. which would particularly piss anyone off to no extent. he does this mostly to freddy when he claims to have caught foxy flirting w/ bonnie, which is why freddy hates him as much as he does.

age: 11
height/weight: 4’ 2"/ 75 lbs
b day: 4/23/1976
gender: male
blood type: O
laterality: left-handed
siblings: none
hobby(ies): tinkering, playing outside
personality/story: born and raised in the slums and lived in severe poverty. both of his parents are extreme alcoholics who abuse him whenever he’s home, which is why he spends most of his time outside. his right eye and hand are missing bc of beatings, rumbles and jumps. and due to lack of help ((the ppl of the slums spirits are broken and are under control of the hostile and (now) incomplete gang, the death revolutionists. they were on a rampage, and wouldn’t stop until their leader, vincent was found)) or medical recourses, they quickly became amputated and he ended up having to remove them himself. however, despite his brutal childhood, he’s a very kind, witty and well-spoken kid. and, even w/ his disability and lack of depth-preception, he has quite the knack for tinkering, constructing and repairing various trinkets and machenery, usually composed of scavenged scrap metals. one example is a sling-shot, which he opperates w/ his left hand and mouth. others include a fixed dirt bike and a prostetic hand, to replace his right (missing) hand, that attaches to the bike and allows him to properly operate it. he stands up for other ppl as well and has proven that his spirit can’t be broken, which, unfortunately, makes him the death revolutionist’s biggest target..

Entire Kpop Collection Sale

Hi, I am selling everything as I can no longer keep up with the Kpop game. Please email me at uknowjamielynne@aol.com if you are interested in anything. I always ship with tracking and shipping is free for purchases in the US. 

If you buy multiple items I will discount the prices. 

Photocards - Each $10 shipped to US

Seventeen - Love Letter DK Bookmark
Seventeen - Boys Be Jeonghan
BAP - Thats My Jam Himchan
BAP - Bad Man Himchan
Astro Spring Up - Eunwoo 3 different versions
Up10tion - Bravo Kogyeol

Autographed Albums - No photocards unless stated

MBLAQ - Broken with Mir pc $45
BTOB Beep Beep $35
FT Island $75
B1A4 Solo Day with Gongchan pc $35
CClown $25
Legend $10
Block B Jackpot $75 
LedApple $25
Teen Top #1 with Ricky photocard $35
Topp Dogg Amadeus $25
Ukiss Moments $20
AJAX Insane $25
Lunafly Special Guy $25

Albums - Each $10 shipped to US - No photocards unless stated

Nuest Q is 
Astro Summer Vibes

Other Kpop Merch

More to list. 

VIXX Collection Sale

For the autographed albums you can chose the member that is still available to the matching era. it doesn’t have to be who its listed with it. I ship out of Virginia and always ship with a tracking number. All prices include shipping to US only. If you are outside of the US we can discuss shipping fees. Please contact me at uknowjamielynne@aol.com for photos or questions.

If you are interested in buying a set I will discount the prices. 

Korean Editions:

Rock Ur Body – N  $30  SOLD
Rock Ur Body – Leo  $30
Rock Ur Body – Ken  $30
Rock Ur Body – Ravi  $30
Rock Ur Body – Hongbin  $30
Rock Ur Body – Hyuk  $30

On & On – N $25
On & On - Leo - SOLD
On & On – Ken  $25
On & On – Ravi  $25
On & On – Hongbin  $25
On & On – Hyuk  $25

Voodoo – N $20
Voodoo – Leo  $20
Voodoo – Ken  $20
Voodoo – Ravi  $20
Autographed Voodoo Album – Hongbin $75
Voodoo – Hyuk  $20

Hyde – N  $20 SOLD
Hyde – Leo  $20 SOLD

Hyde – Ken  $20
Hyde – Ravi  $20
Hyde – Hongbin  $20
Hyde – Hyuk  $20

Autographed Jekyll Album – N $75
Jekyll – Leo  $20  SOLD
Jekyll – Ken $20
Jekyll – Ravi $20
Jekyll – Hongbin $20
Jekyll – Hyuk $20

Autographed Eternity Album - N $85
Eternity - Leo  $20
Eternity - Ken $20
Eternity - Ravi $20
Eternity - Hongbin $20
Eternity - Hyuk $20 

Error - N $10
Error - Leo $10 SOLD
Error - Ken $10
Error - Ravi $10
Error - Hongbin $10
Error - Hyuk $10

Boys Record - N $10
Boys Record - Leo $10
Boys Record - Ken $10
Boys Record - Ravi $10
Boys Record - Hongbin $10
Boys Record - Hyuk $10

Boys Record Picture- N Black & White $7
Boys Record Picture- Leo Black & White $7
Boys Record Picture- Ken Lollipop  $7
Boys Record Picture- Ravi Red Jacket $7
Boys Record Picture- N, Ravi and Hyuk Black & White $7
Boys Record Picture- Hyuk Walking $7
Boys Record Picture- Hyuk on Stairs $7
Boys Record Picture- Hongbin in color $7
Boys Record Picture- Hongbin Black & White $7 SOLD
Boys Record Picture- Group $7
Boys Record Picture- Photos $5 SOLD

VIXX LR Cartoon- Leo  $7
VIXX LR Cartoon- Ravi  $7
VIXX LR Cartoon- Both $7
VIXX LR- Ravi $7
Ravi Stand $7
Leo Stand  $7  SOLD

Chained Up Control- N $10 
Chained Up Control- Leo   $10 
Chained Up Control- Ken $10 
Chained Up Control- Ravi $10 
Chained Up Control- Hongbin $10 
Chained Up Control- Hyuk $10 

Chained Up Contract - N $8
Chained Up Contract - Leo $8
Chained Up Contract - Ravi $8
Chained Up Contract - Hongbin $8
Chained Up Contract - Hyuk $8

Chained Up Freedom A4 Card - N $8
Chained Up Freedom A4 Card - Leo $8
Chained Up Freedom A4 Card - Ken $8
Chained Up Freedom A4 Card - Ravi $8
Chained Up Freedom A4 Card - Hongbin $8
Chained Up Freedom A4 Card - Hyuk $8

Chained Up Freedom- N $10
Chained Up Freedom- Leo $10
Chained Up Freedom- Ken $10
Chained Up Freedom- Ravi $10
Chained Up Freedom- Hongbin $10
Chained Up Freedom- Hyuk $10

Zelos - Leo $10
Zelos - Hongbin $10
Zelos - Hyuk $10

Hades - Leo $10
Hades - Hongbin $10


Japanese Edition Photocards:

Darkest Angel - N $40
Darkest Angel - Leo $40
Darkest Angel - Ken $40
Darkest Angel - Ravi $40
Darkest Angel - Hongbin $40
Darkest Angel - Hyuk $40

Error - N $30
Error - Leo $30
Error - Ken $30
Error - Ravi $30
Error - Hongbin $30
Error - Hyuk $30

Hana Kaze - Leo $25


//A & C 1hr HAUL//
-photo 1 & 2 (same photo diff angles)
This is my little flower A’s haul pics she is getting more confident.
She managed 3 pallets! Her ulta total alone was 563.
🎊A TOTAL: 773.50🎊

- photo 3 ULTA
Benefit mascara x6- 144
Naked basics- 29
Naked 3- 54
Amazing cosmetics velvet mineral liquid- 36 (still trying to find the best foundation, pls tell me your favorites) 😘
It cosmetics brush set- (velv lux) 98
It cosmetics brush set- (for eyes. Velv lux of course, my fave 💖)- 28
Tarte Maracuja Oil- 48
Tarte Maracuja concealer- 25
Tarte liner x2- 48
UD setting spray- 30
Butter lippys x5- 90
Butter crayons x2- 40
Butter nails x2- 34
ULTA: 704

- photo 4 B&B
Sanitizer x11- 19. 75
PocketBac x2- 11
Deep cleansing soap x2- 13
Wallflower- 9.50
Refills x4- 20
Hand creme- 5
Fragrance mist- 6
Loofah (pic 5)- 5
B&B: 88.75

- photo 5 clothes
VS silk slip- 50
VS body super soft sleep shirt- 50 (10/10 would recommend pls get)
Panties x5- 72.50
Panties x4- 50
Camis x2- 6
Scarves x2- 56
Clothes: 290.5
Not to shabby for a small town 1hr haul