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Rehab, Day 36, March 4, 2017

My grandmother’s goal was to make it out of rehab in time for her to attend her grandson’s wedding in New Orleans – a goal she achieved. Here, she receives a kiss from a great-grandson, the nephew of the groom, who played cello during the wedding ceremony.

The B-29 was the largest bomber in the second world war.  Standing next to one in a museum, or if able to see the flying B-29 when it tours, it is quite a large aircraft.  It was significantly larger than the B-24’s and B-17s in the ETO, and was able to carry more payload.

The B-36, is another matter.  One is currently on display at the Air Force Museum in Dayton, Ohio (a world class aviation museum), and it is quite impressive.  A combination of propeller driven engines and jet engines, it was a mammoth aircraft.  As with many early cold war jets, it was obsolete really before it was produced in significant numbers.  Also on display is one of the early B-36 large tires that actually cracked runways, leading to the change into the more modern technique of many smaller tires, as seen on jetliners today.  The key takeaway is that it is very large.  :)

The size difference in this photo provides an illuminating revelation on the size difference between “large” world war 2 aircraft, compared to some of the aircraft in the 1950’s and beyond.  In this photo, the B-29 looks quite small by comparison.

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