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American Aircraft at Pearl Harbour


During the attack on Pearl Harbor a few of these P-40 Warhawks managed to get airborne and score a few kills against Japanese aircraft.


Along with the P-40 some P-36 fighters managed to get in the air on the day as well. These fighters manged to get themselves at least two recorded kills on zero fighters.


There were about 14 P-26 peashooters based on Hawaii luckily none were destroyed.


A few B-17 bombers where stationed in the area at the time, at the end of the attack 4 B-17′s remained undamaged.


Although by ‘41 the B-12 was no longer the best of the bombers the US had there were still some stationed at Hawaii during the attack. By the end of the attack 3 remained undamaged. 


At the time of the attack there were 33 B-18 bombers stationed on Hawaii none of which managed to get in the air in time, at the end of the attack only 11 remained of the 33.


There was one photo reconnaissance variant B-24 at Hawaii but it was destroyed during the attack.


A few of the A-20 Havoc bombers were destroyed during the attack. After the attack on pearl harbor the surviving A-20 Havoc’s were sent out in search of Japanese ships.