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After the last picture, I realized I really really liked drawing Tommy Jarvis. And the more I thought about it the more I just, really like his character and arc. So, after finally sitting down to Actually Watch one of the movies (that being part 6 because Tommy, and because it’s less gory than some of the others and didn’t make me ill), I came to a conclusion.

After three movies, one game, and actually killing Jason Vorhees a maximum of two times (since Tommy has to be present to kill Jason in the game)….

Tommy Jarvis needs a nap.

And as awesome and cool as it would be to draw him doing something Epic, I feel like he (and all the counselors in the game too) needs a chance to just rest. So, think of it post-re-killing Jason (since I doubt he’d be very restful if Jason wasn’t dead), probably waiting for the police and paramedics to get done. A cup of coffee, drying off after probably ending up in the lake at one point, the beginnings of a nice bruise on his face, probably more bandaging that we can’t see because heck Jason can do a lot of damage… I think Tommy’s earned a break.

Pose referenced from @senshistock (I’d link to it but tumblr’s a pain about outside links.)

Me or Her

A/N: A request from @winterladybr for a Spencer x Reader where she works for the BAU and they are seeing each other when he starts talking to Maeve. When the reader realizes and sees that he kind of likes her too, she gets hurt, breaks things off, and starts to become very withdrawn. Eventually, Spencer realizes he truly loves the reader and tries to go back to her. She’s still hurt, so it may or may not work out. @coveofmemories


“Babe, I think I found someone that can help me with my headaches,” Spencer had said all those months ago. You’d been ecstatic. His head had been killing him and he didn’t know why. Maybe this person would help. 

“Who is it?” you’d asked.

As he showed you the file, it seemed like she had impressive credentials. It was a woman, a geneticist, named Maeve Donovan. “What will she be able to do?”

“If I send her the results from some of the tests I’ve had done, she might be able to recommend something other doctors haven’t thought of,” he’d said happily. Maybe then he could stop wearing sunglasses all the time. 

“Go for it,” you’d said. “Can’t hurt.”


Oh how wrong you’d been.

That had been nearly seven months ago. At first, it started innocently. He would call her on occasion to update her on his headaches. She’d prescribed a slightly higher than normal dosage of riboflavin and the occasional B-12 shot as a booster. It had helped - his headaches were almost completely gone. But even after the headaches went away, he had continued to call her. Not often, but often enough that you’d found it weird. 

Over the next couple of months, they continued to talk. You’d hear him laughing and wonder what she said that made him react that way. You’d see him talking on the phone when he hadn’t said anything about making a phone call. She didn’t live nearby as far as you knew, but you could see an emotional affair from a mile away. He’d fall asleep next to you, but you could tell he was far away. You honestly weren’t even sure if he knew it was happening, because he was just as affectionate with you as he’d always been, but you were still hurt.

Then about a month ago, you’d had enough. Enough of him talking to someone else behind your back. Enough of his face lighting up at seeing her number on the screen. Enough hurt. You’d just had enough. That’s when everything blew up.

“Y/N, why are you doing this?” he’d yelled. “I love you!”

“I love you, too,” you wept crossing your hands over your chest in an attempt to protect yourself, trying to protect your heart, but it wasn’t working. “I believe you. I think you love me, but I think you are developing feelings for someone else, and I can’t continue to watch it. It’s killing me.”

“Who am I in love with?”

“That’s denial!” you yelled. “You know exactly who I’m talking about…Maeve! At first I didn’t think anything of it. She was a doctor. She made your headaches go away. I thought she was a godsend.” Heated tears streamed down your face as everything you’d been feeling for the past six months came to a head. “But now you talk to her all the time. Your face lights up when she calls. After you update her on your headaches, which haven’t happened for three months by the way, you continue to talk to her. I can hear how lightly you laugh with her. I just…I don’t even know if you realize it’s happening, but I think you’re in love with her too. And I can’t handle that. When it comes to you, I’m selfish. I want you for myself. I’m not sharing you with anyone. So you need to figure out who it is that you want. Do you want me or her?” You’d stopped at that point, having run out of breath and only continuing on empty. But you’d quickly added more. “I don’t want an answer now. We work together and I will continue to act professionally. But we need time apart so that you can figure out who you want. Me or her. So I want you to leave.”

He’d inched his way toward you as you’d cried, but you stepped back. If he touched you, it would be over and you would continue to get hurt. You couldn’t let that happen. “Don’t do this,” he said, his eyes brimming with tears. “I love you.”

“Then you’ll take time away to figure out whether or not you can cut off your contact with her. From the little I know, she’s probably a lovely woman. She cured your headaches, so I know she’s smart. From what I’ve heard, she sounds sweet. But I can’t do this if you continue to talk to her.” It just wasn’t okay.

You remember watching as he stepped back from you, hurt and confused. “Why are you doing this, Y/N? I have female friends. You don’t have a problem with me being friends with JJ, Emily or Garcia? Why is she any different?”

“Because you’re not in love with them!” you screamed. “I can tell the difference between platonic love and something else. What you feel for JJ and Emily and Garcia is platonic and I know that. This…her…Maeve…it’s something different. I don’t know whether it’s exactly the same as me. I don’t know if you’re just in awe of her. But what you feel for her is something I am not comfortable with.” Turning away, you’d opened the door and convinced him to leave. “If you love me, you’ll be back. Without her. Figure out who you want and get back to me. Or don’t. But a choice needs to be made.”


A month had passed since you’d kicked him out of the apartment. The following week was especially hellish at work. Everyone could tell immediately that something was very wrong between you. Both of you continued as professionals, but even looking at him was hurting you. The past three weeks had been a little bit better, but it was still very, very awkward. Thankfully, it was the weekend and you had off. Apparently, he’d been staying at Morgan’s place, so he returned there and you went to the apartment you’d shared. 

There was nothing you wanted more than to go back to the way things used to be. Hopefully, Spencer would make the decision to piece you two back together. When you heard a knock on the door, you’d assumed it was Garcia. For weeks now, she’d been begging you to tell her what was wrong - she wanted to help - but you had no interest in talking. You wanted to wallow. So you walked up to the door and swung it open, ready to snap at her for her to leave. But it wasn’t Garcia. It was Spencer. “What is it?” you asked, as your eyes began to tingle with tears. It had been a constant reaction as of late. “I really don’t feel like doing this Spence, so make it quick.”

“I don’t want her. I-l want you.” He pulled out his phone and handed it to you. “I called her yesterday to tell her I couldn’t speak to her anymore.”

“Are you in love with her?” you cracked, looking at the floor. If you looked in his eyes, you’d see the truth, and you weren’t sure if you were ready for that. 

Hesitantly, he reached out for your hand. “Look at me,” he insisted. “I need you to see my eyes when I say this, because otherwise you may not believe me. I love you. I had some kind of feelings for her, but they weren’t the same. Something more than friends, but not what I feel for you. If keeping her as a friend, or whatever she was, means losing you, I can’t do that. I want you. For the rest of my life.”

It was painful to have him admit that there was something there, but when he said it wasn’t the same as what he felt for you, you could see he was telling the truth. He had tells when he lied. One of them was his eyes darting and the others was that the tips of his ears would turn red; he’d done neither. His eyes bored holes into your soul and his ears were the same color they always were. “You have an eidetic memory. I know you still know her phone number,” you said, wondering if the temptation to call her would be too strong.

“I do still know it. I can’t un-know it, as much as I’d like to. But I won’t ever use it again. If you want to check out my phone occasionally to make sure I haven’t called her that’s fine. I just need you to know that I only want you. Whatever I have to do to prove that, I’ll do,” he said, placing your hand over his rapidly beating heart. 

Moments before, you’d been very close to closing the door, but instead, you stood back and let him in. “Okay,” you breathed. “Just don’t make me regret letting you into my heart again. If I find out you’ve had any contact with her, we’re done.”

“I promise,” he said, caressing the side of your face in his hand. “She’s nothing but a memory to me now.”

Steph’s Masterlist

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I have not spoken to John lately. But I did hear something positive and lovely, which was that he was looking forward to hearing the record. That made me happy, to hear  that he cared and that there was not a sour grape rolling around somewhere. When John quit it was a great loss, because he is a brilliant songwriting partner and just an enormous musical human. But it also opened up the chance for us to have someone fresh and new. And often new blood will create new chemistry and maybe give you that B-12 shot in the ass to keep you going for another five years or another 10 years.
—  Anthony Kiedis (EW, June 2016)

So yesterday was quite the eventful day for me. I woke up at like 4 a.m. with the worst headache I have had in LONG time. Mind you, I get headaches often and migraines almost at least once a month…but this was a different kind of headache. I took some medicine and tried to go back to sleep. No help whatsoever.

The hubs and I woke up at our usual 6:30 and there was NO way that was happening. I decided I would go into work late and just sleep a little bit more. By 10 though, it was obvious that work wasn’t an option for the day so I called out. By then, I was going on 6 hours with what felt like an axe in my head and I was throwing up too. In the past, I usually just call up my doctor, explain what is going on and they tell me to come in and they gave me a shot. So I did exactly that.

I got there and they asked the usual routine questions. Blah blah. And finally the doctor came in and started talking to me and spent a good 20 minutes with me asking me all sorts of questions. By the end she said she wanted me to take a pregnancy test and if it came out negative she would give me the shot and if it came out positive she would be giving me a B-12 shot. Well thinking nothing of a positive because the last I heard I hadn’t even ovulated…I went in and did my business. About 5 minutes later, she came back, and shut the door and said: “CONGRATS, it was a POSITIVE!”. I just sat there, shocked, I couldn’t speak, I couldn’t move, nothing and then I just started crying asking if she was sure. I kept saying, “you are lying to me!” And she was like, “no, I can’t lie to you! It is a positive!” So, instead, she gave me the B-12 shot and said that my headache was mostly due to the pregnancy.

After that she wanted me to go give blood so they could confirm how many weeks I was along. I did that, still in shock and disbelief that this was true. After I left the office, I still couldn’t believe it so I went to a Walgreens and picked up some tests, because of course I wanted to test myself. Plus, hubby wasn’t with me and I wanted to share the news somehow that would make him feel involved. So I got home, totally convinced that it was an evil joke that the universe was playing on me, peed on the stick and waited and sure enough…it read: PREGNANT! So I officially got my BFP on July 27, 2015.

I still don’t quite believe that it is true but I am so incredibly happy that it is! My doctor is supposed to be calling me later today to confirm my blood test and how far along I actually am. Till then and even after then, I am praying for good results and nothing but happiness.

And to all of you who are still waiting for their BFP: Don’t give up hope. You just never know when it’ll happen. I am a prime example. They told me 3 weeks ago I hadn’t even ovulated and here I am with multiple positive tests.

sophiabush: When every single person on set is sick, but in our line of work there’s no such thing as a “sick day,” what do you do!? You get reeeeeal proactive and have @ivmechicome to set and give everyone PowerB shots, and run vitamin and mineral IVs for the super-sickies (me included). CHICAGO COLD SEASON YOU WILL NOT DEFEAT US! 🙅🏻👊🏼😷#TheTeamThatIVsTogether#CanYouTellIHateNeedles#ThatsNervousLaughter#JesseHasANeedleInHisButtcheek#PaddyWantsToStickEveryone#ChicagoStrong