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Why do i feel a dissaster coming . This is just going to smooth & to good for being a relationship on skam… We are gonna crash on friday. Love to be wrong thought. B/c sana & yousef makes me smile. 


There is a friend of mine who really needs some help. Their name is @sabishiranami and they’re doing commissions to try and earn some money, because it’s the only way they can right now. 

Here’s their post with the info: COMMISSION INFO POST


You like my crappy art? You wanna see more? You wanna help motivate me?


If you can’t afford to, that’s fine. No pressure. I just want to try and help the only way I can. I already ordered THIS AMAZING PIC . They do art from different fandoms too-info is on their page. Please help if you can!

(*I mean it, completely free, and of course it’ll be team rocket (either J&J or B&C), or team skull but that’s what ya’ll are following me for anyway right? Just show me you ordered a commission and I’ll get started on your ‘thank you’ piece!)


New B&C single, ‘Run from Me’ from Record Store Day exclusive 7″ Slowheart.

Also Bill’s gotta meet the Paternoster Gang this season b/c Jenny & Madame Vastra would mother THE SHIT outta the baby gay like two big queer mama birds


Today in Music History - April 20, 1957, “All Shook Up” by Elvis Presley tops the Billboard Top 100 chart

It went on to top the R&B and C/W charts, too.

best feeling: when you ship characters A & B, read a highly-recommended mostly-gen fic tagged A/C, A&B and enjoy it and click on the sequel which is tagged A/C, A/B (implied), B&C, and pre-ot3, and there’s at least one more fic in the series which implies that eventually it won’t be pre-ot3 and will just be. ot3.

The disinclination of the individual States to yield competent powers to Congress for the Federal Government -  their unreasonable jealousy of that body & of one another - and the disposition which seems to pervade each, of being all-wise and all-powerful within itself, will, if there is not a change in the system, be our downfall as a Nation. This is as clear to me as the A, B. C.; & I think we have opposed Great Britain, & have arrived at the present state of peace & independency, to very little purpose, if we cannot conquer our own prejudices.

George Washington, letter to Benjamin Harrison, January 18, 1784

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Rosy if you can please watch the newest video of B&C by amazing Juli Grisel.You are gonna love it :)

Is that the one comparing B&C to canon couples? Yeah I saw it. 

Good stuff.

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5, 24, and 41 😸

5.Do you chew on your straws?

Nope. But just thinking about straws makes me crave a milkshake.

24.What ARE you looking forward to?

1) finishing Owned and B&C
2) KCON NY (if I can afford it 😅)

41.What is your all-time favorite romance movie?

Can’t think of any. Plus it’s been a while since I’ve seen a good romance movie…any suggestions?

seniorinternaut replied to your post “Like… shipping aside. I do wonder whether Mikado and Aoba will keep in…”

about when are you asking?? b/c mikado & aoba are walking together in the SH (sequel novel series) illustration, not tomention that they’re in the same grade together now too since mikado had to skip a year due to the injuries he sustained in the finale. they’re still SUPER TIGHT. just mikado has nothing to do with blue squares

*clutches heart*

Wow what a reason to read SH. 

Where do I read it???

Chapter 20
Balance and Composure
Chapter 20

Balance and Composure - “Chapter 20”

My day is coming
My day is coming up soon
And I’ve been waiting
And I’ve been waiting in my room
And I’ve been thinking
And I’ve been thinking about my life
And no, I’m not scared
But hell, I’m horrified

And if I just stay here
I can avoid all the car accidents
And all those accidental deaths
And all the accidental death

And if I just stay here
All alone, I know I can’t stop the lightning bolts
And all the natural disasters
The natural disasters

This room room feels safe, but it’s burning down
Until I’m six feet underground
‘Cause I know, I’m gonna die
Because I know, I’m gonna die soon

I know I’m gonna die soon


Take what you want from me

Take what you want from me
I swear to god that I’m done


Balance and Composure “Quake” (Official Music Video)

Brand new video from B & C