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Control - Chapter Four

On Track

Cowritten and Proofread by @aoimikans

“William Howard Wright,” he flashed his pass to the evidence technician, “I need the Yagi-Rishi case files and evidence.”

The young evidence technician adjusted her large, round glasses and squinted at the pass. After a moment of consideration, she nodded and pressed the lock release with a polite smile.

The lock clicked with a loud buzz, and William yanked the heavy door open.

“Noriko Shuuka,” the technician introduced herself, bowing slightly. Her shoulder-length, tightly curled brown hair bobbed about her face, “You’re with the visiting team?”

“I am,” William echoed her bow.

“I figured,” she said, “You all are the talk of the precinct.”

“Oh?” William quirked an eyebrow at the small young woman. “Do I want to know?”

“It’s not that interesting,” Shuuka deadpanned with a shrug. “We just don’t get international teams often, and people enjoy a fresh conversation topic.”

William huffed but smiled politely. His quirk, Aura Sight, pulsed pleasantly at the back of his eyes. The black aura of truth overlaying the image of the woman remained constant.

A refreshingly honest person, he thought as he followed behind her.

“Just over here,” Shuuka said, turning around the last set of shelves, “Yagi… Yagi.. Ya- Ah, here.” She reached up, standing on her tiptoes, and pulled down a white, cardboard box. Something metallic inside rattled.

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“You’ll catch a cold,” echoed down the alley, hurried footsteps just barely audible over the countless droplets drumming the cobblestone.

“I’ve never caught a cold before. Have I gotten fast enough now?”

Three figures came into focus through the fog of rain, one excitedly bounding forward with unexpected joy. The bouncing stopped however upon noticing the boy huddled up against the wall. A startled squeak escaped the merry figure, his hands raising in some sort of startled motion.

“Oh no!” soon after tumbled from his mouth, mirroring his stumbled motions as he clanked down on one knee next to the child. “Ahhh! You’re hurt! Um…G! Tay! This small one is hurt!” the armored figured called back behind his shoulder, clearly unsure how to help on his own.