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Gonna do some for tomorrow. Y'all know the drill, just send an ask and don’t be shy~ seetagsformoreinfo 

 Anons will be less likely picked, k?

The Killing Fields
The Psycho Realm
The Killing Fields

Psycho Realm - The Killing Fields (Old School) Uncut Version (Updated)

Big Duke is probably my favorite rapper of all time. Dude was the best lyricist and still is. I still haven’t heard any rapper top his poetry.

Street Platoon is fucking sick on this tracc also! Cynic and Crow Soto!



#ThankYouBones week: Day 7 - 6 James Aubrey x food scenes

It always comes down to food with you, doesn’t it?

More like he sees into my soul. This was so damn hard to choose only 6 scenes of Aubrey + food so these are some of my favourites.