so i was talking with @turianmailman about what if the kids in class 1A had to do that thing where they have to take care of a fake baby and

  • Izuku accidentally names his Deku. he can’t change it. is somewhat ok at taking care of the baby but it comes back a little worse for wear
  • Aoyama is just. bad at this. the baby hates his room. he tries to fix it by adding more sparkles. it makes things worse
  • Mina accidentally melts part of her baby. also part of Aoyama’s baby
  • Tokoyami gets a giant egg instead of a baby. it hatches by the end of the project and inside there’s a little Present Mic plush. he doesn’t know how to feel about this
  • Sero is actually?? really good at this??? he swaddles the baby in his tape and tapes it to his chest like a proud papa and gets weirdly over protective of his child
  • Tsuyu is great at this b/c she’s had to take care of her younger siblings since forever
  • Tooru loves dressing her baby up all the time
  • Shouji is also really really good at this and has absolutely no trouble with the baby b/c of his extra hands
  • Iida is really good at the technical stuff but the emotional stuff still kinda stumps him. he’s the fastest diaper changer in the entire class. 
  • Momo is the most loving mother in the whole class and treats the baby like her own and the class has never seen her look so happy and content and cute it’s so heartwarming to see. the only thing she struggles with is making the baby laugh/entertaining it
  • Mineta stuck his to a wall on the first day and forgot about it
  • Satou is also really really good at this????? he never had any problems at all he’s just very good with the baby
  • Kirishima gets one of the best grades in the class b/c he’s also just. really good with babies apparently??? 
  • Jirou suffers because she can hear it’s cries louder than anyone else thanks to her quirk and desperately tries not to destroy it with a sound wave and does a fairly good job of taking care of it otherwise
  • Ochako is fairly decent at taking care of her’s too, but she can be clumsy and forgetful at times so the baby comes back a little roughed up, but fine overall
  • everything Todoroki does is unintentionally funny to the baby and he has absolutely no clue why
  • Ojirou uses his tail to hold the baby most of the time and he’s also a really good papa to it. a very loving and sweet papa
  • Denki accidentally destroyed his during the first week
  • Kouda is very kind and patient with his baby b/c to him it’s just like caring for baby animals
  • Bakugou was the only person not allowed to do his project alone because without supervision there’s a 98% chance that when it cried he’d throw the baby at the wall repeatedly until it broke or blow it up out of anger and he’d fail the entire project, so he’s forced to partner up with someone. (the idea we had is Ochako b/c she’s 13th in the class and really really really needs a good grade and isn’t afraid to work with Bakugou)

Person A and B’s power suddenly went out, around midday. By 10 pm the lights were still out, and candles were scattered around the house.

Person A decided to take advantage of the darkness when B went to the bathroom for a little bit.

Person A ran around the house blowing out candles and then hid in the kitchen.

Person B walked out and was startled by the darkness. They called out for A, but there was no response.

Once they stumbled into the kitchen, Person A yelled out and tackled down B to the floor.

B screamed bloody murder and started fighting, until realizing that it was A.

Person A was cracking up with laughter, while B sat angrily next to them.

EXTRA: Person B was already plotting their revenge for whenever the opportunity came to.


Having to adjust prices and adding in some more recent works! Commission earnings will be going to bills as well as a new laptop (so that one day I can do streams, etc.) Pretty please help me out in anyway that you can! Commissions MUST be paid before work will be done. Please give me 2 weeks to finish single image commissions and up to a month for comics.


Email: hntr4687@gmail.com

PayPal: PayPal.me/HunterBraly


- Multiple fandoms as long as you provide references to art style if I’m not already familiar.

- Ships 

- Animals

- OCs (w references)


- Minimal blood (can be discussed)



- Mecha

- Harmful Content

- Gore 


Sketch - $10 ($3 per extra character)

Colored Sketch - $15 ($3 per extra character)

Lineart - $20 ($3 per extra character)

Flat Color - $25 ($5 per extra character)

Full Color w/ One Color Background - $30 ($5 per extra character)

Full Color w/ Full Background - $45 ($10 per extra character)

B/W Lineart Comic (5 panels max) - $20/panel (single charge $3 per extra character)

Full Color Comic (5 panels max) - $50/panel (single charge $10 per extra character)

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I love your class 1-a scenarios! They make me really happy, thank you so much. :) You are awesome^^ Do you think that everyone of class 1-a has a special talent like drawing, singing, gymnastic and so on?


i just wanna point this out b/c it’s great and then i’ll get into headcanons, but Iida, Aoyama, Satou, and Mineta are all apparently really great at drawing 

Iiida looks like he took some sort of still life/classic arts drawing class with the way he shades, and Aoyama’s is so very inspired by shoujo. Mineta’s is like… ridiculously good?? and Satou’s is really neat b/c he’s a kinda ‘less detail, more free-form gesture lines’ kinda guy

i really enjoy Ochako’s super cutesy doodles b/c you can tell she’s not all that great, but she has such a cute art style. 

my favorite part of this panel tho is Bakugou’s mediocre art skills. look at the way he drew his nubby little fingers. look at those shitty little bombshells, the things on the side aren’t even the same size and shape. one’s slightly wiggly and bigger than the other. he gave himself little stick arms. he can’t draw shoes.

Bakugou’s secret talent is that he finally sucks at something and i love it

anYWAY onto headcanons:

  • for whatever reason i think Denki would be pretty good at singing?? specifically kpop, which i also hc him really liking. i don’t even know why i don’t listen to kpop, i just get that kinda vibe from him
  • Denki, Bakugou, Kirishima, Sero are all really good at dancing (especially stuff like free form and breakdancing). Baku dances really aggressively tho, but the others are pretty happy and fun about it
  • Momo is really good at elegant type dancing. also really good at cooking b/c it’s… pretty similar to what she has to do with her quirk?? 
  • i imagine Iida also took a dancing class at his fancy highschool but i can’t imagine he was all that great at dancing tbh. i imagine he has a nearly photographic memory, and is a really fast reader
  • Ochako is really good at making mochi and spotting good deals at stores
  • Todoroki makes really good tea
  • for some reason i think Tooru would be really good at arranging flowers?? idk i just associate her a lot with flowers, im not sure why
  • Jirou is good at vocal impressions
  • Tsuyu is also good at cooking b/c she had to cook for her younger siblings
  • Bakugou is good at cooking b/c he’s just. like that
  • with enough time and energy, Izuku can imitate literally anyone, not just All Might 
  • Shouji is fucking great at drumming (esp with his extra arms)
  • Kouda can write some amazing poetry
  • Tokoyami is also, unsurprisingly, very good at poetry. (goth poetry b/c he’s just extra like that)
  • Aoyama is actually pretty awesome at styling hair and putting together fashionable outfits for people
  • Satou is surprisingly good at singing really emotional ballad-type songs (tho he’s kinda embarrassed about it)
  • Mina is really great at gymnastics and is really flexible 
  • Ojirou is really good at making traditional japanese style foods (especially ones with rice)

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Hitman AU ideas?

  • “Oh crap! I made a mistake! You’re the wrong person! Oh man, my guy, I am so sorry let me just crawl back out this window and let’s forget that this ever happened.” AU
  • Character A has heard of some pretty bizarre ways to make cash fast, but being a hit man wasn’t something that Character A had ever considered. After accidentally killing somebody, Character A finds a wad of cash on their kitchen table with a note that reads: “Good work. More information coming soon.”
  • “It’s nothing personal. You’ve obviously done something bad enough to get killed, so I’m just here to carry out the will of the universe.” AU
  • Character A is a hit man that works for a large, corrupt company. Whenever any other businesses start to encroach on the business’ turf, Character A is paid to take them out. Character B is the heir to an up-and-coming rival company.
  • In order to carry on their business, Character A has decided to bring on Character B as an extra pair of eyes. While staking out a target one night ,Character B taps Character A’s shoulder and quietly lets them know that the two of them are being watched by another person.
  • “Shh! Listen, you don’t deserve to die, but I’m the third hit man that’s been hired to take you out and we need to make you disappear. We need to fake your death.” AU
  • Character A is a hit man that has planned on getting close to Character B, their latest target, by inviting Character B out onto a date. While out on this date though, Character A is actually really impressed by Character B and isn’t sure if they’re okay with going through with the job.

Person B wakes up feeling the bed shaking. They look over and see Person A in tears, staring at their phone.

Person B instantly wakes completely up, thinking the worst.

Person A looks slowly at B and shakily says ‘Th-they died. She killed them…’

Person B, absolutely freaking out at this point, hurries over to A and envelops them into their own arms.

Person B who already feels the tears welling up in their eyes asks ‘Who died?’

At the lack of response B picks up A’s and reads the screen. 'You have got to be kidding me…’ Whispers B.

Person A jerks out of B’s arms and starts ranting about how this Fanfic writer decides to write a slow burn, then proceed to kill only one of Person A’s OTP after they had only just got together!

Person B throws them self back against the pillows, frustrated at them-self for falling for this AGAIN.

EXTRA: Person B still comforts Person A after their done ranting about the cruelties of humanity.


I read a manga about dancing and then latin dance teacher!Kon came to me and of course he would be teaching Tim who is as stiff as a board B)

(tim googles every cheesy pet name kon gives him and drops 3 phones until he gains control of himself)

Sometimes I can b a bit extra.. So since I had no choice but to get a room at a fukn inn instead of the Hilton as usual..I decided I wanted to show my ass… Hell.. What else are windows other than looking n seeing lol😂😂😂😂

Au idea where

Person A loves music and is studying it as their major. In fact, they love it so much that they play in the streets/subway/station/etc for fun (and also a little extra pocket money). They’re surprisingly so popular that they even decide to make a YouTube account just to film these jam sessions and post them.

One time, person a sees person b sitting a few feet away with an instrument next to them. Curious and eager, person a invites/challenges person b to a jam session/battle.

Which they promptly own.

Person b is surprisingly good with said instrument and person a is also surprised that even though they’ve just met, even though this is just a free styling jam, there’s this unmistakable synergy between them that has people flocking to them and cheering them on. And when they play the last note in unison, there is a roar of applause from the surrounding crowd. But person b has to leave like now and person a wonders if they’ll ever see the enchanting, compatible stranger again.

Next week, there’s a new student at person a’s music school. Three guesses who it is.

(Up to you whether person a recognizes person b or not. Extra kudos to you if you decide to go the mistaken identity route!! you get a virtual hug and my undying adoration)

(update: inspired by this- https://youtu.be/YQSzk44hBmk )

(update numero dos: well link doesn’t seem to be working for those who are still curious go to YouTube and look up Spontaneous Street Piano and Violin Duet by Piano Around the World- it should be the video of a piano and violin duet (wow) of the song Just the Two of Us)

(update numero tres: extra EXTRA kudos if person a and b become rivals at school)

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To non-support: Please stop telling your Mercy when to rez. Chances are if she's any good, she's either A. Planning on rezzing already, B. Waiting an extra second too make sure no one else does while she's rezzing, or C. Not planning on rezzing because let's face it she probably knows when to rez better than you do. All trying to tell me when to rez does is annoy me and make me anxious, and it's even caused me to second guess my judgement and whiff my rez. Please, trust me to do my job.

#SummertimeSlick 1st - 31st July 2017

Running daily throughout July, we invite you all to participate in our prompt fest! Tag your fics, art, gifs, vids, playlists, headcanons and any other imaginings and creations #SummertimeSlick and we will reblog! You can also add posts on AO3 to our collection which will go live just ahead of the fest.

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Our goal with this blog was always to encourage both consumers and creators of A/B/O works in the fandom. With reblogging we do our bit with feeding you knot-hungry scamps, but with this fest we hope to encourage the creation of more omegaverse wonders and to recirculate old gems! So please join us, whether you’ve never created anything A/B/O before or anything at all, this is a laid back and fun fest you can sink your teeth into or cut your teeth on!

Starting (as with the origins of A/B/O) with Werewolf AU and ending with Mpreg, we have split the fest down to 4 weeks of themes: 

A/B/O Tropes: Jump right on in with some daily prompts featuring classic tropes in Omegaverse and our all time favourite AO3 tag “references to knotting”!

Summertime: What is July without a surprise heat(wave)? Perhaps one of these summer themed prompts will tempt you to dip your toe in?

Fic Tropes: A/B/O fits all too well with some of the best loved fandom/fic tropes, so why not explore how some of your favourite tropes play out in an omegaverse setting? 

Kinky: Let’s pound this last week into overdrive as we break out the artificial slick and knotting toys! Like your A/B/O with extra kink? We can’t wait to know about it!

Consider Trope Tuesdays and Slick Sunday a free for all where we invite you to explore anything and everything that we haven’t covered. 

Important Note! As long as there is an A/B/O element, we welcome: all pairings, any AUs, all dynamic combinations (you know omega/omega is damn hot, and perhaps someone can give those poor betas some love?). 

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Read My Lips AU

Character A has been deaf since they were young and has had years of experience in reading lips. Lately, Character A has been watching a lot of movies, and it was during one of their binges that they notice an extra (Character B) pretending to talk in the background. Only, it wasn’t nonsense that Character A was picking up, it was a plea for help. Character A sees Character B in more movies after that, always mouthing the same cry for help. Character A decides they have to do something.