I actually love seeing idols breaking out of their shells and acting like themselves on camera since most of the time, they’re given a set image they have to portray based on their physical appearance. It’s just nice to see them embrace who they are instead of following a certain image that was given to them based on their looks.

  • Lefou: Noooo oooone's slick as Gaston, no one's quick as Gaston, no one's dick is incredibly thick as Gaston's!
  • Gaston: ....
  • Villagers: ....
  • Lefou: *neck haha autocorrect wow sorry lmao
  • Gaston: You are singing

Even more townie makeovers!

Dina Caliente & Johnny Zest / Zoe Patel & J Huntington III

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hi i'm fairly new to the bsd fandom, and i wanted to know why is the dazai/chuuya ship called soukoku??? i'm sorry if this sound stupid hhh h h h

Hello my love, I wish I could welcome you in the BSD fandom but it’s not my place to do so since I’m just a Haikyuu blog with a big side crush on BSD. And you don’t side stupid AT ALL dear, I was confused about that too!

Soukoku is the name the mafia, in the person of Mori, gave to Dazai and Chuuya back when they were partners (CAN YOU BELIEVE THEY CANONICALLY GAVE THEM A SHIP NAME LIKE WHAT THE FUCK), it means Double Black and underlines how a deadly and terrifying duo they were, capable of tearing and entire organization down just by themselves in the span of one night. 

Now, some skk gifs because why not 

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They are one of my top otps EVER, I love them so much <3