Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-Vridged Episode 10:  Everyday I’m Shufflin’ Decks.


Episode 10 is here! And to commemorate this glorious occasion we have a special 10th ep Opening created by Azzy! (You Kamen Rider fans are in for a treat!) And now a heart-wrenching match between duel besties Yuya & Noboru will commence! Followed by the 1st duel of the tournment, Masumi vs Yuzu! The rematch is all set!Who will win? ~*°^`·°^`Tune in and find out!~



***  azzyfox   - (Creator,Scripting,Director, and Editor)

Yuya Sakaki

*** manadarkmagiciangirl / manabingu- (Co-Scripting/Co-Creator )

Yuzu Hiragi

Young Yuya

Masumi Kotsu

Sora Shiunin

Yoko Sakaki 

Shuzou Hiragi

News Lady/Bully kids/Other Duel Monsters

Odd-Eyes/Beast Eyes Pendulum Dragon

*** tyrestgwa 

Noboru’s Dad

*** wraith10 

Noboru Gongenzaka/Young Noboru 

The Narrator

Mieru Hochun

*** ZoidsBN

Young Gen/Gen

*** SaviorDragonFTW    

Shun Kurosaki

*** tjherriot 

Reiji Akaba

Circus Hitler


Hooray Cipher got his mike and laptop back so we have him returning to us as Reiji and Nico! Yes. We set our record by releasing the ep in just 3 weeks XD! I hope we can keep this pace up! Anyhow, we enjoyed this ep immensly and gave it our all as the Juniour Youth Championship Tournament commences :)! Its super exciting! Enjoy the ep guys!

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I listed them all here, because I have quite a few now….

gilded-billionaire- Marcus Vansten.
ishkabillionaire- 1930s Marcus
voidsoakedopulence- Dark!Marcus
thevanstenclan- The rest of the Vansten family.
thevanstencorporation- under construction, but will reopen soon!
angelic-operatics- Old Woman Josie

bloodygoodytwoshoes- Mark Vincent
brokenheartedbiomachine- my biomachine OC Leon

believeinasmilingcecil- a smiling god possessed Cecil.
synchronizedsplendour- Dark SGC
unsulliedintern- Caterina Russo, my OC intern for SGC.


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anonymous asked:

Your bae tag is so cute! Can you please say a few good things of what you like about her?

buckle up kiddos this might be a v long post (bae in question is kateoresama and she deserves 230958 followers)

first i love her hands. like that might sound weird but honestly they’re long and thin and smooth and (usually covered in cat scratches on the backs) sort of caramel coloured and great for holding. our hands kind of fit together now i guess sdjfhkjdhfdskjfh i read too much fanfiction it’s getting to me

i guess her hair next it’s really silky and good for running hands through and i love ruffling it 

and then, like, her face in general because honestly how is she so cute. it doesn’t make sense i don’t understand how it’s legal. her nose is great for booping and her skin is really really soft and completely smooth like where did puberty go. why did it not affect you. i swear she did black magic or something

her eyes are really big and her glasses just complete the look of ‘nerd’ no bae im kidding im sorry but this leads me onto the next point

she’s really smart and nerdy and tbh it’s intimidating how much she knows like she can just go on little rants about science-y stuff and math-y stuff any anything-y stuff really and while i understand literally nothing of what she’s saying i like watching her talk because she gets really excited about it and her cheeks go a bit pink and i am reminded that i am very very gay

she sort of fights with me but doesn’t fight with me?? like we play fight all the time about the weirdest things (i read harry styles fanfiction even though i don’t like 1d and we call each other trash all the time and) example yesterday when i was at her house i was lying on her lap and i said something about the fanfiction i was reading and she pushed me off and then accidentally dropped me and apologised and she’s just really really cute

she’s also clumsy as hell like even on a flat surface and i could never run and have her catch me because she barely stays upright leaning against a wall for balance anyway and the other day she leaned her knees against her heater to see if it was warm and then stumbled and it broke so not v good for her but i find it cute actually wow i find everything cute someone stop me

i love how sweet she is and she listens to me rambling about hq and she’ll watch shitty movies with me and she gives me cacti and draws me tiny little things on scraps of papers and gives me to them between classes and she gives me her food and she cares about me and gives me her jacket and looks after me 

tbh she’s just really important and i like her a lot. what a goddamn nerd what a