Alright, Tumblr, Let's See What You Can Do...

I just found this note in my new copy of The Fault in Our Stars that I bought at Target in Keene, NH today.  For those of you who don’t know, DFTBA = Don’t Forget to be Awesome.

First of all, Azzarinne, I love your name.  :D  And second of all, I’m hoping you have a Tumblr so you can read this thank you.  This note was really sweet and just brightened my day.  Not to mention it spurred me into buying this book figuring, if it’s readers are this awesome, I want in.

So Tumblr, could you work your magic and reblog this, please?  I want to be able to let this person know that this small act of kindness is appreciated.  

And to Azzarinne and everyone else… DFTBA. :)



First of all, I’ve been meaning to give you a personal thank you for the note in my John Green book. I never did say that. :) It fell out of my book at me the other day when I was feeling pretty craptastic and it was a nice reminder that there are still awesome people in the world.

I also need to thank you for being, like, one of my most loyal followers. Do you just like everything I post? :P

And now I probably should go back to my job… (Though not really it’s Sunday, nothing’s happening, come on…)