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dark merrywetherweather show me the forbidden davekat fic recs

oh boy. i knew this day would come and now i regret not putting together a rec list and being unprepared. i tend not to keep track of everything i read (because i will read pretty much everything and i end up forgetting stuff) but i do have a few faves that i can list and hopefully you haven’t read these before.

I absolutely love Don’t Forget the Sun and Of Heaven and Earth by  Weevilo707 (really anything by them is gold) They go by karfuckingstrider on tumblr. They’re both slow-builds and they are excellent reads.

I really like What The FUck Even is This by whittler_of_words.

Anything davekat by Asuka Kureru (Askerian) but especially Midnight on the Demon Patrol and 30th-Century Night (which also has a sequel oneshot you can check out after and I highly recommend doing that).

Be My Boyfriend (I’ll Pay You) by Volo.

Any davekat fic by sburbanite is great.

Counterpoint by Azzandra, which is strilondes/karkat and it is hella good.

Unwanted Free Ugly Troll, which is petstuck and not romance but a hell of a lot of fluff by coldhope (it’s companion piece is Loophole, which isn’t davekat but it’s a great read anyway. I cried.)

and two meteorstucks Parasomnia by paradoxmachine and Within, Without by reinkist.

I’ve also written a bunch of davekat fics but since you’re asking me for recs I’m assuming you’ve pretty much read through them so I’ll skip the shameless self-advertising. *+*+*\(o v o)/+*+*+ Hope you see some you haven’t read already.
Gumshoe Tango (3801 words) by Azzandra [AO3]

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Homestuck
Rating: Explicit
Relationships: Jane Crocker/Terezi Pyrope
Characters: Jane Crocker, Terezi Pyrope, Rose Lalonde
Additional Tags: Caliginous Romance | Kismesis, Alternate Universe - Fusion

You first meet Terezi Pyrope while you are working the Lalonde case.

Though it’s probably more accurate to say you get acquainted with her cane first. She trips you on your way escorting Miss Lalonde out of the police station.

“Watch where you’re going!” the troll chides, a wide grin stretching her face. “Don’t you know it’s rude to step on the blind?”

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Ahahaha, Whedon fucked it up, didn’t he?

I think Whedon tried to model it after Firefly, but forgot that in that ‘verse, the hero wasn’t the government operative with carte blanche to do whatever it takes to achieve the mission.

I honestly think SHIELD just doesn’t work as a TV show. James Bond can do the superspy thing and ignore individual rights or collateral damage because they have a massive threat that’s been building all movie long. The villain gets to have screen time because he’s got top billing right along Daniel Craig. The TV show gets 45 minutes, of which 30 has to be devoted to the team interactions, because they’re the main characters. So instead of a credible danger we get penny-ante threats that shouldn’t even be a difficulty for a small town police force, and it’s just stupid.

But I hope you realize what it means when you simultaneously say that you’re “scared of the seemingly new fandom" and complaining about that same fandom’s focus on the romance between two queer characters.#homophobia #it means homophobia #you’re a big honking homophobe#I’m sorry I was going to wait for you to figure it out for yourself#but it became obvious to me that you wouldn’t have reached that realization by yourself


Very true!

Also it means obnoxious hipster. Obnoxious hipster and homophobe is not a great combo.

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Now we prepare to produce even schmoopier gamkar than you. We prepare… to out-schmoop. (I’m unclear on who the gauntlet was thrown at, but I can’t let that thing just lie there, someone might trip or something)


(I threw it in the general direction of the ever-more-frantic scratching I hear at my askbox. My, my, I wonder who it could be??)

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Yes please<3<3<3«3 *chinhands*


(Oh hey I never did get an IM handle from you, I’d better go send an ask)

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‘thrown down a gauntlet’ is how i feel every time i post something that sheds gamzee in a more sympathetic or hopeful light that is ALLOWED atm in fandom haha. nobody’s been rude to me yet though.

It’s PATHETIC that it’s come to this! I haven’t felt this wary and watchful online since someone tried to make me out myself (in a completely different online space a few years ago) – and feeling like this, over a character? That I REALLY don’t think I or anyone I personally know is being unreasonable about? Fuck that shit.