Yesterday me and my friend got high out of our fucking minds and I tried to ask him about a post I saw on here about Night Vale and our entire existence serving the single purpose of maintaining and growing life for plantation on earth as they give us the air we breathe and in return we plant them and make them grow, and when we die we aid them through decomposition, but like… We were just so fucking out of it

davekathugs replied to your post “Kanaya starts a sewing club and Dirk joins so that he can get extra work on his puppets and Equius joins but he just sits in the corner cause he keeps breaking the needles”

Equius holds yarn while Rose knits so Equius doesn’t just stare at everyone else all the time.

YH and he takes home yarn that the club discards so he can give it to nepeta the next day ;u;

ityellsback replied to your photo “Yes. Also Nepeta is on the wrestling team and equius attends all of…”

equius being that strange sweaty guy at every wrestling match that hangs out with the tiny scary cat girl

YEAH!!!!!!!!!! HELL YEAh and no one fucks with him bc he was literally Too STRONG for the team

azzandra replied to your photo “Yes. Also Nepeta is on the wrestling team and equius attends all of…”

Aradia would be the best in history class, with Eridan coming in second after her. Every week he tries to bring up some obscure historical fact he’s sure she doesn’t know, and every week Aradia smiles and proves she knows MORE about it than him!


[redacted] replied to your photo “Yes. Also Nepeta is on the wrestling team and equius attends all of…”

and he always is so happy to see them fight cause they usually win, (Also cute genderqueer Nepeta and Equius wears dresses a lot)


softkanayas replied to your post “Dave is that kid in photography who carries his camera with him…”

class historian

i feel i t I FEEL IT!!!!!!!!!!! THE

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I'm laughing because I've never seen an anon so committed to form over substance. Notice how they're not even arguing. They're just nitpicking form because they've literally GOT NO ARGUMENT. Congratulations, you shallow racist. You're a windbag full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. I do hope that description is hoity-toity enough for your pretentious, bitter little soul.

date me azzy 

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Ahahaha, Whedon fucked it up, didn’t he?

I think Whedon tried to model it after Firefly, but forgot that in that ‘verse, the hero wasn’t the government operative with carte blanche to do whatever it takes to achieve the mission.

I honestly think SHIELD just doesn’t work as a TV show. James Bond can do the superspy thing and ignore individual rights or collateral damage because they have a massive threat that’s been building all movie long. The villain gets to have screen time because he’s got top billing right along Daniel Craig. The TV show gets 45 minutes, of which 30 has to be devoted to the team interactions, because they’re the main characters. So instead of a credible danger we get penny-ante threats that shouldn’t even be a difficulty for a small town police force, and it’s just stupid.

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Are the notes transparent because they’re being left by a ghost? :O

yes (theyre translucent bc i use an xkit extension that makes notes that arent replies or reblogs with captions translucent) (it also unintentionally makes tumblr saviored posts translucent WHICH IS SUPER HELPFUL bc before that i was much more likely to open the saviored posts w/o paying attention)

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In the CLverse, has any particular human media/art form/creation gained mainstream success with troll audiences? (either as a whole, or concrete examples)

GT: Trolls are like the imperialistic cultural appropriation masters of, if not the universe, at least the galaxy. If there is something they like, they are guaranteed to wander off with it. They really have a disturbing interest in Western Astrology, for example, even though except for a few coincidental symbols, it’s nothing at all like the astrological system trolls use for their naming conventions. Tuvan throat singing seems to be gaining popularity and so are products like chocolate and families of ethnic cuisine.  

CG: Basically, if the media or art form or pseudo science in anyway parallels Alternian structures, the Universal Mind dipshits fondle themselves over it, and it somehow gets repackaged as a new exotified commodity. “Oh look the disturbingly trollike monkey people use our troll astrological symbols! This proves the bullshit theory of dumbfuckery is correct!” and “Holyshit they’re double-singing! How are they making their incredibly inferior songpipes do that!” The novelty usually wears off as it’s incorporated into the milieu.

But I hope you realize what it means when you simultaneously say that you’re “scared of the seemingly new fandom" and complaining about that same fandom’s focus on the romance between two queer characters.#homophobia #it means homophobia #you’re a big honking homophobe#I’m sorry I was going to wait for you to figure it out for yourself#but it became obvious to me that you wouldn’t have reached that realization by yourself


Very true!

Also it means obnoxious hipster. Obnoxious hipster and homophobe is not a great combo.

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I don't think I congratulated you on your new name! Congrats, it is a good one. It sounds playful and sweet, but also very solid and reliable. A good name.